5 Reasons You Need to Hire Experienced Customer Service Reps

Customer Service Consulting at Ledgeview PartnersWhile the idea of hiring inexperienced customer service reps that require ample training and less pay straight out of college may seem like a win for some organizations, the real truth is that you need to invest in experienced customer service reps to allow your organization the chance to thrive.

That is not to say you should give up on newbies, but when you’re an established organization, you need to invest where it makes the most sense to.

Hiring experienced Customer Service Reps tend to produce the following benefits:

1. They Maintain Incredible Eye Contact
This is an underrated trait in a Customer Service Rep. When a Customer Service Rep intently maintains eye contact, it shows they are listening and tells the customer they are important.

If there is little to no eye contact, the customer easily feels they are not being given the attention and respect they deserve.

They can tend to feel as though their issue is being dismissed or is unimportant to the company.

An experienced rep knows the magic of maintaining good eye contact, whereas someone who is new to a customer service role may not understand its importance as well.

2. They Have Positive Attitudes
Experienced Customer Service Reps know how to leave their own issues at home. While at work, they are there to focus on the customer.

A positive attitude shows calmness, confidence, and basic human connection when it comes to issue resolution. 

As a Customer Service Manager, you want to seek Customer Service reps who have a  positive attitude for another reason: it shows they enjoy their lives and what they do. It shows they are passionate about their jobs, whereas someone new to the field may feel uncertain and absentminded about their role.

3. They Know How to Be Empathetic
Empathy isn’t always a trait produced by nature. Sometimes, you must nurture customer service reps to understand the importance of empathizing with the customer.

Trained and experienced Customer Service reps not only have this feeling and understanding but express empathy in their voice. This vocal asset will benefit your company and Customer Service strategy.

Customers have a sixth sense for genuine reps. Make sure you hire honest and thoughtful ones.

Lack of empathy among reps can lead to customer dissatisfaction in a hurry.

4. They Are Dedicated to their Field
During the interview process, you will find candidates that have years of experience in customer service, some with months, and others with frighteningly less. Those with years of experience show dedication to their role.

A time investment can assure you they will likely spend the same time and effort in your company. When there is a desire to be in the field, there is almost always a guarantee for success because within that desire is a willingness to learn, grow and improve.

You want your Customer Service Reps to be as much of a fit for your company as your company is to them. Without compatibility and experience, there is a disconnect.

5. They are Quick on their Feet
While your company is in the process of restructuring a coaching program with standardized policies, for example, an experienced Customer Service Rep will know what works when it comes to talking to customers.

They will know how to handle and uphold a conversation in a professional manner that leads to issue resolution. You can ensure this by having candidates shadow current reps or by conducting “mock” scenarios.

Quick-thinkers make excellent Customer Service Reps.

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