5 Things Every CRM Implementation Plan Needs

Ledgeview Partners eBookThe last thing you want as the CRM Sponsor, Admin, or Manager is complete lack of User Adoption.

How do you avoid a solo project? Establish a plan for your CRM Implementation’s Success.

Here are 5 things every CRM Implementation Plan needs to be successful:

1. A Clearly Defined Project Scope
This will help you and your team understand what’s involved in your project.

You will know what departments will be specifically impacted by CRM implementation and how by clearly defining your project scope.

2. A Project “Compass”
Once you implement CRM, it’s important you keep the objectives of your project in full scope.

While long-term benefits may seem more attractive, you need to appreciate and celebrate the quick wins, too. 

Every step matters with CRM. Don’t skip the details during the process. Be patient with it and enjoy the journey.

Ledgeview Partners eBook

3. A Strong Project Kickoff Meeting
Once you define your project scope, host a kickoff meeting to introduce users. Begin to educate them and get them excited about your CRM implementation.

During this kickoff meeting, you should clearly state the objectives of your CRM project as a project leader.

Identify the Who, What, Where, When Why, and How, and then clearly identify expectations among your team members.

First impressions matter! Give your Users a knockout first impression of your CRM system with your kickoff meeting.

4. A Well-Managed Timeline
Set a project timeline and stick to it! Be dedicated to getting your CRM project done on time, within budget and within your project scope.

When projects extend too long, it jeopardizes user adoption.

It’s much better to launch phased projects than to extend one phase too long as this leads to disengagement.

5. A Communication Plan
Throughout your project, it’s crucial you have an effective communication plan. Communicate needs to your partner so they can respond to requests as quickly as possible.

Equally, it is important to consistently connect with your team to identify needs and answer questions.

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