CRM User Adoption

When it comes to gaining continuous CRM user adoption, whatever industry or business you are a part of, there will be struggles.

Luckily, there are many ways to prevent CRM user adoption struggles from occurring or address them.

Gaining and maintaining high user adoption is the most common problem we hear about at Ledgeview, which is why we’re bringing you expert tips to help solve common everyday challenges you may face gaining continuous user adoption.

These tips apply to you, regardless of your system, user group size, business size, industry, etc.

  1. Be a CRM Champion
    As important as it is to have a CRM system, it’s even more important to embrace and champion it. More than one person on your team may be known as the champion.This person may be your Sales or Marketing Manager. This person may also be a Power User, but, generally speaking, they are someone who knows a lot about your CRM system within your team.Your success with CRM depends on support from leadership; without that foundation, outcomes are not nearly as impressive.

  2. Set your CRM Goals
    While Ledgeview is here to guide you, it is really up to your organization to decide what’s important, and what you should be tracking in CRM. You know best about what matters to you, so it’s time to start asking this question among your users and answering it!Some CRM goal examples you set for your organization may include:

    • X Number of Activities to Create per Week, Month, or Year
    • X Number of Opportunities to Create per Week, Month, or Year
    • X Number of Opportunities to Win per Week, Month, or Year
    • X Percent of Accounts with Competitor Share of Wallet information
    • and much, much more!

  3. Have a Documented List of CRM User Requirements
    Depending on the unique needs of your organization, steps for users to take may include:

    • Having new users sign a requirements document
    • Having existing users review and sign the requirements document
    • Updating the requirements document as needed

  4. Develop and Implement a Clear CRM Communication Plan
    Continuously communicate CRM user requirements so they do not get lost over time. Hold every user accountable for these requirements.To be sure users are meeting expectations, managers should be checking in with them during regularly scheduled weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions.

  5. Develop and Implement Effective Coaching and Training Programs
    As new users are added to your CRM system, this tip for success becomes even more crucial.If you need assistance from Ledgeview with developing your coaching or training program, our Business Consultants can support you. There are a grand number of ways to coach and train internally.Remember, coaching is about enhancing knowledge, while training is about transferring knowledge.While coaching sessions should occur individually and be need-based, training sessions may occur annually or bi-annually, perhaps even more frequently depending on the needs of your organization.There is no one-size-fits-all model because no two businesses are exactly alike.

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