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Is it time to reinvigorate your CRM users and bring back the excitement of your initial CRM implementation?

You aren’t the first company to have lost your CRM users along the way, and, unfortunately, you probably won’t be the last. However, with these helpful tips from Ledgeview, we will put you back on the right track for re-enlivening CRM, whether Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM or Salesforce, within your organization.

Just follow this simple guide to get started … it’s time to reinvigorate your CRM users!

1. Clean Up Your “Dirty” Data

Nobody likes “dirty” data. Keep it clean!

As a Manager, it’s not only up to you to go in and clean it all up, but is up to you to encourage users to do so.

When data isn’t kept fresh, it can lead to a lack of user adoption or disengagement in a hurry.

Retrain users on data cleanup when you run into this situation. Make it a learning opportunity, and find ways to keep your data fresh in ways that are efficient and methodological for individuals and departments.

2. Get Back on Top of IT Implications

Not paying attention to the far-reaching implications of CRM is something managers often do, but we want to help you turn that around.

If you’ve already implemented (or tried to implement) a CRM System, but integrations with IT or other departments or off, have the right conversations with them to get things back on track.

CRM should never be a problem or disengaged investment.

Repurpose where you can. Get everyone involved in the conversation when it comes to tech updates. There is often a lot that happens with CRM, especially when it’s gone stale during its evolution. Make CRM a survivor.

3. Re-engage Yourself

Yes, you! If managers lack confidence or use of CRM, where do you think their employees get it from?

Don’t give them a reason to become disengaged. When it happens, reawaken their enthusiasm for CRM.

Keep using it in training, meetings, coaching, emails, etc. Relate, relate, relate. CRM should be an integral part of individual workflows. Get your head back in the game and browsers back with CRM.

4. Look at Your Team > Individuals

The ripple effect is all too real when it comes to a CRM System gone bad. When one user is disengaged, it’s common to find other users following suit.

We do not encourage using CRM as “Big Brother,” but ways for you to keep in check with who’s logging in is to check login frequencies. Avoid micro-management.

Be encouraging in proactive ways to keep them logged in and using CRM to benefit their individual workflows and your overall business.

5. Redefine Your Goals

Whatever your original goals were if your CRM has gone stagnant, it’s likely they’ve been forgotten or unheard. Redefine them with your team. Involve them in the process, then move forward.

When it comes to CRM, just do it. Explore. Investigate. Keep motivated, and keep changing along with it.

CRM is a discipline, not just a tool. Users must be logging in, using its functionalities, understanding its updates, and engaging in consistent training, among other educational tactics to keep themselves engaged.

It’s up to the whole team to keep aboard the CRM ship! Now you’re ready to reinvigorate your CRM users.

Get back to smooth sailing when your CRM has gone stagnant. Get your detailed top ten pro-tip list from Ledgeview.

Download Ledgeview’s latest eBook, “10 Expert CRM Tips to Get Your Users Excited About CRM (Again)” here.

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