Tools Salesforce Admins Should Always Use

5 Tools Salesforce Admins Should Use to Stay Updated

Have you ever wondered, “what are the best tools Salesforce Admins use to stay updated?” That is, to keep themselves and fellow Salesforce users updated?

As a Salesforce Admin, it’s crucial you stay on top of your game with updates, advances, (potential) glitches, and more.

Where do you stay informed, though?

Ledgeview Partners recommends the following tools and websites to keep up. Everything you need to know is never far away from you as a Salesforce Admin.

Enhance your knowledge. Increase your spirits. Build your customer retention rates. Grow your customer basis. Knowledge is power.

Here’s where to start:

  1. Salesforce Admin Digest

Salesforce Admin Digest is a great tool that gives you access to success stories, previews about what’s coming with Salesforce, and other relevant materials to stay informed.

Once you sign up, you will receive tri-weekly Admin and marketing communications regarding Salesforce products, services, and events.

When you visit, you will also discover posts, podcasts, upcoming events, #AwesomeAdmin moments shared by users via Twitter, and more.

To sign up, visit

  1. Salesforce Status

This status website is a CRM technology Godsend. It is designed to update you when your domain has changes coming and notifies you about Salesforce updates or outages. Email notifications for Incidents and Maintenances are also available.

The site provides monthly performance parts (with numbers in the billions), and gives access to the Success Community if you are registered.

To sign up for Salesforce Trust email alerts, visit

  1. Trailhead

As new things come out with Salesforce, you must keep in mind that summer ‘18 is right around the corner.

As wild as this thought may seem if you are living in a cold climate like the majority of the team working at Ledgeview does, every Salesforce Admin knows how true it is that time flies when it comes to updates.

Trailhead has a good place to learn what those updated features are and what they can do for your company. Trailhead is “the fun way to learn Salesforce.” It encourages users to “blaze a trail” to Salesforce success.

Trailhead ensures success with its ample assets, opportunities, and movements. Join the global team. Visit

Top Salesforce Admin Tools

  1. Salesforce Blog

Though the blog may not always provide information specific to Salesforce Admins, it does throw in Admin-specific content on occasion.

It’s important to keep track of the Salesforce Blog as an Admin, because it not only helps you as a leader of Salesforce, but also helps you understand how users, prospects, and clients might think about the CRM platform.

Having that perspective is inherently valuable as a leader in the Salesforce global movement, and within your smaller teams and companies.

Get news, tips, and insights from the global cloud leader at

  1. Ledgeview Partners Blog

Ledgeview Partners is a certified Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner. Our staff of experts is here to help guide and assist you through the analysis, implementation, execution, support process, and more.

Ledgeview offers a holistic business solution approach with services that include: Sales Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Customer Service Consulting, and CRM Consulting.

Our blog is updated several times a week with relevant Salesforce tips to help you enhance your process while you increase your confidence using the platform.

Admins need to pay attention – we offer top tips for helping you understand basic functionalities, updates, management tricks, and thinking from the client’s perspective.

Get insight from the professionals at Ledgeview. Subscribe to our blog, and check out other Salesforce content here.

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