Ledgeview Partners eBookCreating repetition is inherent in having an effective sales process that drives results.

Are you ready to create a repeatable sales process that is unique to your organization’s goals? If so, read on!

When it comes to developing the stages and actions of your sales process, these are some best practices for your consideration …

1. Set a clear and concise path
This should not be super complex as you’re developing it.

Start small, and build, especially if you are starting a sales process for the very first time.

2. Develop stages that reflect the sales cycle
Every stage of your sales process should show significant progress in the sales cycle.

This means if a person is moved from prospect to qualifying, there should be a significant behavioral shift with the customer. You may not need a ton of stages, as a result.

Your stages should reflect the customer’s journey in however many steps is appropriate for your organization.

Having more steps does not always mean your sales process is more effective. The more clear you can be with it, the better.

3. Set criteria to move through the stages
Each stage should have specific criteria, needed from the prospect, to move to the next stage of your sales process.

This means, your organization needs to define what data is most important for them to collect from customers throughout their journey.

4. Set a number of stages to reflect your process’ complexity
Having more steps in your sales process does not always mean its more effective, or makes it more effective.

The more clear and concise you can be, the better. When it comes down to it, the number of stages you have in your process should reflect its complexity.

5. Mirror your system
Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology should mirror your sales process, stages, and actions.

Live by the philosophy, “if it’s not in CRM, it doesn’t exist”.

Your sales process should always be visible within your CRM system, whichever one you’re using so that your sales team can truly thrive with it and reach their end goals.

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