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Though all marketing automation systems are different, the concept for setting up lead nurturing campaigns is pretty consistent across the technological board.

The lead nurturing process follows similar trends across industries and businesses, no matter the software.

When a marketing team or company sets up a lead nurturing program within a marketing automation system, the aim is to create a series of actions and communications based on behaviors.

If you’ve yet to jump on the lead nurturing bandwagon, here are five of the top ways you can get started today!

1. Discuss the Value of Lead Nurturing with Your Sales and Marketing Team

To get started with lead nurturing, the first thing you need to do is establish a good communication plan. Talk to your team about what lead nurturing is and how it will benefit your business processes. Click To Tweet

Get everyone on the same page from the start! Ensure that sales and marketing is aligned so you connect on goals, projected outcomes, timelines, etc. throughout the process.

2. Identify an Initial Group to Target

In order to effectively target your audience, you need to know who you’re targeting!

This means, you should use the data you gather within your marketing automation technology to gain insights into their behaviors, preferences, etc. Once you identify your target audience and their corresponding attributes, your marketing and sales teams will be able to effectively target them.

Know your target audience to know how you can convert them to customers, boost opportunities, and close sales faster.

3. Set Your Campaign Goals

Leading marketing automation technology is set up to evolve with your organization and vice-versa. When you set campaign goals, you set yourselves up to achieve them better.

Prevent confusion by clarifying responsibility in the achievement of these goals. Make your sales and marketing team members accountable for their roles in the lead nurturing process.

Martech4. Begin with a Small Sample Segment of Your Database

Don’t overdo it with marketing automation and lead nurturing! The point is not to spam or mass-send campaigns out to your entire list, for example.

Sample segments will help your team identify what works so, down the line, you can target larger segments more effectively.

Once you identify what content works for each target sample, you will create better focus in your lead nurturing campaigns.

5. Identify and Combine Your Content

Combine your content marketing efforts with the right CTAs (calls-to-action) to allow for higher sales conversions to happen.

Your goal with marketing automation and lead nurturing programs, after all, should be to convert marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) to sales-qualified leads (SQLs) more effectively. Click To Tweet

Do you want even more tips to set up your lead nurturing program today?

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