Create Sales and Marketing Alignment

Are you struggling to create sales and marketing alignment within your organization? This is a common hurdle that many industries today face…

Many of us in the business world know that the struggle to create sales and marketing alignment is likely as old as the business world itself.

With these quick tips, you can start to rewrite business history and create a strong organizational future by bringing your sales and marketing teams together through marketing automation.

These effective tips will help you to create sales and marketing alignment in your organization right now:

1. Communicate
Sales and marketing need to remember they’re a part of the same team, though they are a part of different departments.

Sales and marketing should meet frequently to analyze marketing automation strategies, campaigns, and reports, analyze trends, monitor results, and more.

They should also be comfortable providing each other with feedback.

2.Train Together
When changes or upgrades to your marketing automation system happen, train sales and marketing together so they experience the same conversation and training points.

But, make sure to specify their separate functions and responsibilities with marketing automation. It’s likely marketing will have a more comprehensive role within the system than sales, but it’s still important to train together on key initiatives.

For example, you don’t need to train sales on something that is not applicable to them and vice-versa. You don’t want to waste time, you want to create a more efficient process and collaboration.

This prevents and eliminates the confusion of responsibility, follow-through, tracking, and more.

3. Create Shared Goals
There should be no dispute between sales and marketing about what makes a lead qualified.

Though definitions of leads may vary across organizations, how they are defined internally should be consistent among departments.

Sales and marketing should be thinking the same when it comes to goals with marketing automation or other shared processes.

4. Collaborate on Content
Messages coming from sales and marketing to customers, leads, prospects, or other key audiences should be the same.

When sales and marketing share the same language, the organization itself creates a stronger reputation and industry credibility.

When sales and marketing work together to create content or messages, they are more likely to promote and use it in their daily work. Message consistency is key, and having input from sales and marketing will make your content creation process flourish.

5. Use the Same Metrics, Goals, and KPIs
Though salespeople and marketers have different responsibilities and functions in your organization, they should be working toward shared goals, whether with marketing automation or another business process.

Success should be measured in the same terms between sales and marketing.

6. Make Sales and Marketing Accountable
Sales and marketing need to be held accountable for their roles in turning marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads, which should lead to closing deals.

Marketing should know which campaigns are helping sales, and sales and marketing should know how their daily work contributes to shared goals by checking in with each other.

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Create Sales and Marketing Alignment

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