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Salesforce has released several cloud solutions tailored to meet the demands of a variety of unique industries. In today’s marketplace, a niche solution benefits companies in a number of incredible ways.

How different organizations use them will vary from business to business, as each organization’s objectives are unique to its people and processes, but through understanding the benefits of each of these solutions, you will begin to see how they can apply to your own strategies. Imagine what’s possible with us!

Among their vast offerings, Salesforce offers these solutions (and their key benefits):

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1. Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is designed to help businesses in the financial sector, including banks, insurance agents, mortgage and lending firms, wealth management advisors, and others, to unlock customer loyalty and connect everything around the customer.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps customers:

  • Understand customers better
  • Increase customer engagement with intelligence
  • Unify the customer experience
  • Bring insurers and policyholders closer together
  • Simplify the mortage lending experience
  • Streamline the mortage process
  • Make smarter and faster client decisions
  • Grow business
  • and more

You can learn more about the key features and benefits of this cloud at

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2. Health Cloud

Health Cloud is a newer addition to the Salesforce Cloud family. It is designed with providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, and medical device suppliers in mind.

Health Cloud improves outcomes for organizations in the health sector by helping to:

  • Take care of the person behind the patient
  • Build trust with every member
  • Enable faster innovation and drive better outcomes
  • Develop patient-centric innovations and services, faster than ever
  • and more

Learn more about what’s possible with Health Cloud at

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3. Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud was released in late 2019 to help manufacturers “deliver transparency and predictability across ecosystems.”

It helps manufacturers to:

  • Increase transparency into their run-rate businesses
  • Surface insights across their businesses
  • Leverage the power of a complete CRM designed for manufacturing
  • Surface insights across their entire business
  • Engage and collaborate in real-time using intelligent insights
  • and more

You can learn more about what’s possible with Manufacturing Cloud at

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4. Consumer Goods Cloud

Consumer Goods Cloud was released around the same time as Manufacturing Cloud in late 2019. It was developed to help those in this business sector to “create closer connections across the entire value chain.”

It helps businesses to:

  • Visit the right stores at the right time
  • Accelerate in-store productivity
  • Increase audit accuracy with AI
  • Maximize in-store sales with mobile order capture
  • and more

Learn more about Consumer Goods Cloud at

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5. Government and Aerospace Cloud

This cloud was designed to help organizations within this sector focus on their mission while Salesforce handles their complexities, security, and compliance. This cloud helps with:

  • Dedicated infastructure and continuous monitoring
  • Compliance
  • Third-party assessments
  • Securing data centers
  • and more

Government and Aerospace Cloud are committed to helping organizations be “future-ready.”

You can learn more about this cloud at

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6. Philanthropy Cloud

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud was designed to help organizations exceed their corporate social responsibility goals and boost their employees’ personal impact in the process. This cloud works to help organizations:

  • Measure their social impact at a glance
  • Instill a culture of impact
  • Help employees find causes that need their help
  • Customize their companywide philanthropy experience

Get the full report on and understand the full impact of Philanthropy Cloud from Nucleus Research at

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