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The sixth question to ask yourselves about selecting a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is: What reporting and analytic capabilities does the system provide?

Marketing automation technology used to only be evaluated by the marketing teams across organizations, but now there are benefits sales and customer service teams must also consider.

Your organization as a collective should be able to benefit from an effective marketing automation solution.

Marketing automation technology is now evaluated under the question: How will this solution help my organization overall?

Effective technology should allow for smarter business decisions to be made and insights to be shared organization-wide.

When evaluating vendors, you should not only consider the reporting and analytics capabilities available in a solution, but how that intelligence is accessed across your teams.

This ties back to user-friendliness. Think about how the solution will benefit marketing, sales, and customer service.

Do you see this technology benefiting individual processes?

When individuals realize the benefits of marketing automation technology, results come to fruition faster, and your organization will see a quicker ROI (return on investment).

Marketing automation technology isn’t just for marketers anymore!

Learn more about what makes an effective marketing automation solution vendor for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In this new eBook from Ledgeview Partners and ClickDimensions, we answer 8 questions to help set you on the path to success with marketing automation and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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