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These six steps are general guidelines for organizations to use as they create sales coaching programs for their organizations.

Across industries and organizations, sales organizations follow this template to create a successful sales coaching program and achieve the results they want out of creating one.

Organizations can elaborate or individualize this template for success based on their reps and organization’s specific needs.

1. Honestly Assess Your Sales Organization’s Current State

To create a successful sales coaching program, you first need to assess where you are as a sales organization.

Be open and honest with yourselves about what is and isn’t working.

If you’re not realistic about your current state, you won’t be able to successfully get to your desired future state.

2. Get Feedback from Key Stakeholders (Including Customers)

Gather feedback from all stakeholders to evaluate your current state, including the sales team. You will also want to get feedback from your key customers about what they think works and doesn’t.

This will not only help you create a more effective sales coaching program, but create higher customer retention, and help them be assured they are valued.

3. Ask Powerful Questions to Get Powerful Feedback

When evaluating with your key stakeholders, ask them powerful questions to get powerful feedback that you can use to leverage your success.

Listen to them and learn from them about what does and does not work for your sales organization.

Be open-minded to constructive criticism, and respond to it proactively.

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4. Shape Your Program for Continuous Development and Improvement

When you keep the continuous development and improvement of your sales organization in mind, you can develop a program that leverages your teams’ strengths while simultaneously addressing areas that need developing and improving.

As you create your process, you should always keep the customer and their buying journey in mind.

If you fail to think from the mind of your customer, you fail to address their needs.

5. Establish Goals to Pave Your Path to Success

How will you achieve your desired outcome or get to the finish line first? Know your goals to achieve. Know what your desired outcome is.

Once you identify what makes you successful, you can set up a more effective path to being successful.

Create a program that will lead to your success by considering all of these key factors and people.

6. Educate, Motivate, Mentor, and Empower to Increase Potential and Drive Results

When you follow these steps for success, you can create new goals and develop and evolve your program to get to even higher levels you hadn’t anticipated when starting.

Whatever your sales coaching program, to continue to get reps to be held accountable, you must provide education, motivation, mentorship, and empowerment.

Hold regular coaching meetings to keep everyone on track and getting closer to achieving your organization’s goals.

Be their sales manager guide through this sales coaching journey.

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