6 Types of Lead Nurturing Campaigns to Try and How to Get Started! [Infographic]

Lead NurturingIf you are not familiar, nurturing leads (ideally with Marketing Automation and your CRM) allows you to send a series of targeted and timely communications that are intended to inform prospects and move them naturally through the sales funnel until they are qualified and sales ready.

For a quick read, we provided a simple overview of the six campaigns you can add to your tactical road map and also key elements to consider when getting started.

For you visual learners (and infographic fans) – To help you “paint the picture” we put together this infographic that pulls it all together (and then some) and is great quick reference guide you can save.

Here are 6 types of lead nurturing campaigns to try:

(1) Educational Engagement
This type of campaign focuses on providing content that informs prospects. Great for non-sales ready leads.

(2) Product/Service
This type of campaign focuses on the type of product or service the prospect has explicitly stated they are interested in.

(3) Promotional
This type of campaign is focused on moving the lead through the final stages of the sales funnel which may include special pricing, discounts, etc.

(4) Event Engagement
This type of campaign is focused on pre and post event registration communications such as webinars, and in person events.

(5) Re-Engagement
This type of campaign focuses on reengaging leads who have gone “silent” during the sales cycle.

How do you get started?

As you begin to plan your nurtures, keep these key steps in mind

  1. Identify the campaign and select your target audience.
  2. Align content to your target audience.
  3. Identify timing between campaign stages.
  4. Build, Launch, and Test your Campaigns.

In this infographic from Ledgeview Partners, we detail out all these options, tips, and best practices.

Reasons to Give Lead Nurturing A Try - Ledgeview Partners

If timing, resources, or lack of quality data is holding you back from starting your own lead nurturing campaigns, contact us to help you with your strategy and planning.

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