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Data and Analytics Statistics You Should Know in 2019

Are you ready to unpack some of the most important Data and Analytics Statistics of 2019?

When it comes to data and analytics, as marketers, we’re constantly craving more of it to learn the most about our target audiences as possible so we can nurture them better and convert them into customers.

Salesforce shares some important statistics to keep in mind about how we use and can use data and analytics to approach our 2019 marketing strategies more effectively to reach our goals.

Here are 7 of the most important findings you should know about this year.

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  1. “High-performing marketers are 1.7x more likely than underperformers to treat the ability to piece together unique customer identities as a critical marketing technology requirement.”
  2. “Marketers are using more data management platforms (DMPs). They expect to increase their use of DMPs by 64% by 2020.”
  3. “55% of marketing leaders now report using a DMP, and another 35% plan to use one within the next two years.”

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  4. “43% of marketers are now tracking customers’ overall lifetime value, while 49% track mobile analytics.”
  5. “52% of marketers track how many and how often they receive referrals from customers.”
  6. “51% of marketers track how much it costs to acquire a given customer.”
  7. “87% of marketing teams share integrated technology stacks with advertising teams, underscoring the importance of unifying data to create the right experience on the right channel at the right time.”

Which of these statistics surprised you most? Share this information with a colleague who needs a good marketing data + analytics refresher!

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