The Magic Ingredients for Defining a Successful Sales Process

The Magic Ingredients for Defining a Successful Sales Process

If only it were as easy as having a genie in a bottle grant your wish to establish a successful sales process with high results in little to no time …

As it turns out, your solution may be more gracefully achieved than you could imagine!

The elements of your success are in your near future (or should we say, the following paragraphs)?

A successful sales process is the key to successfully managing your sales force and sales pipeline. Where does it all start, though?

The first key step is defining the process!

  1. Define Your Process

Identify your customers. Creating hiring personas. Process the elements of your anticipated success.

Make sure your process elements mirror the buying process, and, always remember, “it’s a buyer’s world!”

With the growth of the Web, buyers are more informed and savvy than ever, equipped with an “information abundance” that makes them more educated about your service and product.

2. Keep things Relatively Simple

Though defining your process may sound like a complex operation, the ironic key to a successful sales strategy is to keep things relatively simple.

You want something that all employees can follow, properly execute, and find success in. Stages of a sales process represent significant movement in opportunity.

From creating an opportunity, to closing a deal, always make moves in the right direction. Do you know what way to move?

3. Get Answers When You Validate with Your Customers

Stages cannot be defined by “gut” or deduction. Definitions and criteria within stages of your sales process must be communicated and understood by the sales team.

You want to have it validated by customers to more thoroughly understand, communicate, and train your people on the importance of each step.

The Magic Ingredients for Creating a Successful Sales Process

4. Establish Clear Roles & Responsibilities Among Team Members

Multiple departments may also engage with buyers through the sales process, so it’s important to keep in mind that they should be just as aware and fully understanding of the process as members of your sales team.

Define roles within departments and among individuals.

This will provide accountability within your company and create key check-points. You need to have buy-in through and through.

Create accountability throughout your sales cycle. Value everyone as a key player.

5. Evolve, evolve, evolve

Remember, the sales process is not static. Buying processes are constantly changing, and, therefore, so must the sales process.

Evolution and fluidity are the keys to everything.

Support your sales process with the appropriate tools and resources as you go along. Reps should know what is available to them at all times, during each stage of the sales process.

Some examples of relevant assets may include cheat sheets, case studies, or testimonials.

6. Spend the Right Time on the Right People & Projects

Spend time targeting the right kind of prospect or customer from the beginning. Ensure your reps are spending that time on the right opportunities as a manager.

Allow for an exit strategy if the time they have invested has or will not provide a strong return.

“If we get halfway through a deal and see a red flag, let’s call it out and see if we can get around it,” says Greg Dove, Ledgeview Partners Director of Sales and Customer Care.

“If we can’t, don’t be afraid to pull out of it, because if you don’t, you are not being efficient and wasting time.”

The Magic Ingredients for Defining a Successful Sales Process

The Magic Ingredients for Defining a Successful Sales Process

7. Implement a Coaching Strategy

This is the final magic ingredient to what makes a successful sales process.

“This is a huge, huge part I really advocate for,” Dove says. “You can have the best, most expensive sales process in the world, but if you’re not following it and making your sales team adhere to it, it’s not going to work.”

Audit. Hold everyone accountable. Make the right choices from the beginning. Keep it simple. Encourage your team!

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