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The seventh question to ask yourselves about selecting a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is: What is the cost?

Cost transparency should come naturally with an effective marketing automation vendor.

Be wary of hidden fees and unforeseen costs that may come as a result of this new implementation.

When evaluating vendors, you and your team need to consider not just the purchase price, but the overall value. Consider: Is this business relationship worth investing in long-term?

Ask yourselves what you’re really getting for the price you’re paying. Be sure to look at the overall costs, upfront fees for setup, training fees, CRM integration costs, the prices of adding more users or contacts, and other miscellaneous items.

Ask all of the vendors you’re evaluating about these potential fees. They should have answers, and everything should be clear before you click “buy”, so to speak …

With hidden costs and fees, sometimes the solution that seems the most inexpensive can become the most expensive.

Don’t enter into a contract blindly – ask the right questions and do your homework!

Here are 8 questions you should ask about the cost of marketing automation technology with potential vendors and/or among your team members …

  1. Where does the system fall short with core features and functionality that may deter user adoption in the future?

  2. Does the vendor offer workarounds or discounts?

  3. What is the cost to integrate this technology with my CRM (customer relationship management) system?

  4. Does this technology fit into my fiscal year budget now and in the future?

  5. Are we prepared to pay for additional support that may be required as a result of implementing the system?

  6. Have we budgeted for content creators to fuel our nurture campaigns?

  7. Will we need freelancers to supplement our marketing team as a result of this implementation?

  8. Have we identified system limitations?

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