Accelerate Lead Generation with Inside Sales

Are you ready to learn about what it takes to Successfully Accelerate Lead Generation with Inside Sales?

When it comes to successfully accelerating lead generation through your inside sales program as a manager or rep, we share our eight top tips to keep you soaring in the right direction!

1. Use Marketing to Warm Up Your Leads

If you’re familiar with top marketing automation strategies and tactics, this phrase should already be familiar to you. If not, don’t fret.

When it comes to accelerating lead generation with inside sales, the first point that we reinforce is to let your leads warm-up with marketing before they go on to inside sales.

This makes the qualification process and likelihood of closing a deal much easier.

2. Relate to Your Customers

Relevance is key to connecting with customers today. There are so many opportunities for personalization and to increase relevance, so, if your inside sales team isn’t taking advantage of the right tools and tactics, your results won’t be nearly as effective.

The best way to relate to your customers is to speak about their business or strategy directly. Refer to other clients in their industry to show you understand.

Do your homework!

Accelerate Lead Generation with Inside Sales

3. Measure your Techniques

How do you know if you’re moving in the right direction if you don’t measure and analyze your strategies?

Understand and collaborate with your colleagues to ensure you’re measuring the right things throughout your lead generation processes.

When you measure, you’ll be able to clearly see where you’re succeeding and where you’re falling short.

4. Vary Call Times

If you find that certain call times with your customers aren’t working, change things up!

Don’t stick to a routine that isn’t working. Adapt your schedule to fit their needs. If you’re overly-regimented, you may not connect in the ways you need to with your prospects.

Accelerate Lead Generation with Inside Sales

5. Don’t Delay the “No”s

If you’re working as an inside sales rep, hearing “No” from the person on the other line of your call is inevitable. The more you face the “No”s and the less time you put them off, the more comfortable you’ll feel in your role and have more time to pursue potential “Yes”s.

It’s okay to hear “No”. Listen to your leads and prospects. Don’t keep them in your funnel and delay closing on other opportunities …

6. Ask Questions to Understand What’s Important to Them

If you call a lead and they say they’re already using your product or service with someone else, inquire what they like or dislike about their current provider.

Don’t abandon the conversation with an “Okay, thanks for your time”, and then hang up.

Identify your competitor. The more you make an effort to understand what your lead tells you, the more you resonate with them and increase your selling potential in the future, whether they decide to change providers or you learn to develop new, more clever approaches with other leads.

Accelerate Lead Generation with Inside Sales

7. Use CRM to Track Activities

It is incredibly difficult to be successful with your lead generation as an inside sales rep if you aren’t tracking your activities in CRM!

You need to be inputting information daily to see where a lead falls in your funnel. That way, you’ll know what touchpoints need to be nurtured, who the last point of contact was, etc.

Tracking activities help you to become a more effective task-manager.

8. Ask for Referrals

When you’re doing things right, and have moved a lead to become a customer, don’t be afraid to ask them for referrals. You’ve won them over – it’s likely you’ll be able to win over someone they refer, too!

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Accelerate Lead Generation with Inside Sales

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