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When it comes to creating a successful sales coaching program, you want the right coach to lead you to success.

What makes a good coach may vary among organizations, but typically, in smaller organizations, it is the sales manager, and, in larger organizations, it is the sales manager coaching internally and a quality coach, coaching externally.

Whoever you select to be your sales program coach, they are likely to have the following traits and experiences under their professional belts:

1. Knowledge of Product and Processes

A good sales coach should always have knowledge of your products and processes.

This means they should have experience in your industry and within your specific organization.

2. Senior-Level Employee

Typically, sales program coaches are senior people within your specific organization and industry.

They know its ins and outs and can offer their experience as guiding lights to your success.

3. Confident, Experienced, and Educated

A good sales program coach is a top-performer who is confident, experienced, and educated.

A person like this sets the foundation for sales reps to feel the same about themselves, or, at least, encouraged to become this way themselves.

Showing confidence while practicing professional empowerment can help instill confidence in others as a leader.

A good coach is able to identify strengths among reps, and opportunities to learn, grow and improve. They should be great verbal communicators.

4. Long Tenure with the Company

Having a long tenure shows their loyalty, passion, and dedication to their work. Electing someone like this as a leader will set the bar for reps.

5. Respected by Team Members

When sales program coaches are treated with respect, this sets the precedent for cadence among team members and with customers.

A good sales coach should be gracious, but a direct leader.

A good sales program coach should be respected by sales reps.

6. Offers Valuable Feedback

A good sales program coach will be able to take on the team and their needs at any time, approaching and evaluating their techniques deliberately and with utmost analyzation.

They should be able to adapt to and offer feedback on improvements for an existing program or during the development process.

7. Preferably, a Top Performer

Typically, a good coach is a top performer at your company or within their industry.

This also tends to set the foundation for respect and admiration from reps to their coach, since it sets a level to aspire to.

8. Holds Potential to Become a Strong Future Leader

While they may not be in a position of management or leadership now, they should show this potential.

You should be able to picture your sales program coach growing within their company and helping the organization and its reps grow for many years after you elect them for this role.

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