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The eighth question to ask yourselves about selecting a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is: Does the provider have a good reputation?

It’s time to think past the purchase point and consider the long-term value of this business relationship.

Your investment is about much more than capital.

You are not just purchasing software, but investing in a long-term relationship with your vendor after the evaluation process is complete and you’ve moved into the selection phase.

Considering the future and current state of your business, you want to be sure you’re entering into a relationship with a vendor you can rely on and trust. The nature of marketing automation technology today requires that you have an ongoing relationship!

With that in mind, you want to be sure your provider is worth having a relationship with!

Before making your final selection, we recommend researching customer testimonials, online reviews, and ratings to see what the larger professional community is saying.

Seek out your existing business relationships to see if your current partners have any experience, or consult your industry peers. Use your confidants wisely.

With their expertise using both ClickDimensions and Microsoft Dynamics 365, they can help to provide valuable insight for your own company and its goals.

How your chosen marketing automation technology vendor takes care of their customers and their needs speaks to how well the technology will do the same …

Learn more about what makes an effective marketing automation solution vendor for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In this new eBook from Ledgeview Partners and ClickDimensions, we answer 8 questions to help set you on the path to success with marketing automation and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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