Content Marketing

Content marketing is commonly defined as a style of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of digital (online) material like blogs, videos, social media posts, infographics, eBooks, etc. that does not explicitly promote a brand or organization, but stimulates interest in products, services, and/or concepts.

Whether you’re in the field or not, it’s easy to see that the world of marketing is constantly changing and evolving. As a social media user, for example, you may constantly see ads or brand updates in your feeds.

Whereas marketers must keep up with the behind the scenes updates to ensure you receive the ads, or, for the sake of this post, content, they want you to …

Content Marketing Institute shares some especially relevant and notable statistics marketers should be concerned with as they move forward into 2019.

Content Marketing
  1. “Content creation is the area of content marketing where there has been the most reported increase in spending over the last 12 months (56%).”
  2. “93% of the most successful organizations are extremely/very committed to content marketing.”
  3. “72% of the most successful organizations measure content marketing ROI (return on investment).”

  4. “82% of the most successful organizations’ content marketing is sophisticated/mature.”
  5. “73% of the most successful organizations use content marketing successfully to build loyalty with existing clients/customers.”
  6. “94% of the most successful organizations agree they value creativity and craft in content creation and production.”

    Content Marketing

  7. “92% of the most successful organizations agree there is content marketing buy-in from the highest levels in their organization.”
  8. “76% of the most successful organizations use content marketing to nurture subscribers, audiences, and leads.”
  9. “A CMI (Content Marketing Institute) study, conducted in October 2017 with LinkedIn, found that 75% of companies with high content marketing/sales alignment have a content marketing strategy.”

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