Customer Service Coaching Tips

There are many things that make up a successful customer service coaching program, and some of the details may be unique to your organization.

However, there are a few key components that tend to be consistent among industries.

We uncover them in this blog post to help you shape your own successful customer service coaching program, and with many businesses starting fresh in the New Year, what better time to explain these components than now, right?

1. Defined frequency
Without a defined frequency, it’s hard for both reps and coaches to know when coaching sessions need to occur.

If you define your process by bi-weekly coaching sessions, you must hold yourselves accountable to them.

Don’t let your coaching sessions fall under the radar.

Regular coaching sessions help you keep yourself, your reps, and your process in check.

2. Supports the customer experience goals
A good customer service coaching program always keeps the customer top of mind, because, after all, without them, we’d be nowhere.

Effective programs are shaped around providing them a positive experience. Retention means everything!

3. Must measure KPIs
This is not only a measure of progress but accountability. Measuring KPIs will help you see how expectations are being met or not.

Customer service KPIs may include but are not limited to satisfaction improvement, customer retention, net promoter score, conversion rate, competitor comparisons, average resolution time, etc.

4. Must be a pass/fail
By making your coaching program pass/fail, you keep everyone in check and measured on the same scale.

This makes your program outcomes crystal clear to those working within it and those seeing it from the outside, such as different levels of management that may request reports on your program’s success.

5. Must be used as a tool to help gauge performance
As we have stated on the blog before, a customer service coaching program exists to build a partnership between a manager and rep that instills an understanding about what is expected and how goals can be achieved.

Rep performance should always be top of mind when it comes to your coaching program.

Customer Service Coaching Tips from Ledgeview Partners

6. All channels must be accounted for
This simply means keeping all forms of communication between the customer and rep in mind whether it be calls, chat, email, etc.

All methods of communication must be analyzed appropriately to determine effectiveness, points for improvement, and more.

7. Agents must be held accountable and engaged
Without foundational support from your agents, you are unlikely to reach your goals with your customer service coaching program, and that’s putting it lightly.

You must get support and follow-through from your agents in order to ensure its success.

If you notice a lack of support and follow-through, it may be time to re-evaluate and re-shape your program.

To prevent fallout from happening, it’s important to consult your agents from the beginning, before you create your program. 

Get their input on what they think will and won’t work to better shape your program so everyone can be successful.

8. Coaching program sessions should bridge together
Your program should flow sensically. During every coaching session, from A to B to C, and so forth, present coaching sessions should build upon prior ones.

There should be no question between the manager or coach and rep about what is being discussed, what progress needs to be made, how expectations have or haven’t been met, etc.

Tie-ins should be evident.

9. Make it formal
Formalizing your program creates a stronger program, helping everyone to be more accountable and supportive of your business process.

Be sure that your program is part of annual or semi-annual evaluations, whatever you deem as a fit for your organization and team.

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