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Across many organizations and industries, the following components are recognized as key success factors for creating a successful sales coaching program. We recognize these top nine to help guide your success and sales coaching program creation and strategy at Ledgeview Partners.

1. Defined Frequency

This simply means that at different times in their careers, reps will be in different phases, so, according to their experience, you will need to coach them differently, at different frequencies.

2. Support the Sales Process

The sales process should always support the coaching program you have in place because this will also encourage reps to follow the process, leading to your ultimate success.

3. Must Measure KPIs

In order to have a successful sales coaching program, you must measure KPIs that support your sales process.

Having these interconnections between your sales process and coaching program is essential to your organization’s success.

4. Must be a Pass or Fail

When your sales coaching program is formalized, to create buy-in, you must make it a pass or fail program so reps know if they are aligning with expectations, holding themselves accountable, etc.

5. Accounting for All Channels

A successful sales coaching program should account for all channels of communication, including calls, chat, email, in-person visits, etc.

As your channels change, adapt your program accordingly.

6. Managers Must be Held Accountable

Managers must hold themselves responsible for their role in ensuring the program’s success, and the reps’ success with it.

Without manager accountability, reps are likely to feel they don’t need to be held accountable either.

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7. Reps Must be Held Accountable

Reps must be held accountable for their role in the success of your sales coaching program as well.

If part of your team isn’t dedicated, the program will not be successful.

8. Must Bridge the Gap

Coaching sessions should bridge from session to session if you want to create a successful sales coaching program.

Sensible tie-ins must be evident in order for everyone involved to move forward and evolve with your program.

9. Must be Formal

If your coaching program is part of regular and annual evaluations, reps will feel the formalizations and are likely to feel more accountable for their role and responsibilities to ensure success.

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