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Are you ready to chart your course for a Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation?

In last week’s “Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Trailhead” post, we learned about what’s possible with a Sales Cloud implementation, and how to plan for success. Today, we put those concepts to work with the second unit in this module, “Chart Your Course for Implementation.”

Within it, Salesforce Trailhead teaches us …

  • How to identify top features and configurations that come with Sales Cloud
  • How to determine which tools and resources will be the most helpful with our implementation
  • And how to set a timeline for preparing and rolling out Sales Cloud within our organizations

Sound good?

Let’s dive in!

Out of the box, Trailhead reminds us of what we get.

Once we log into our Salesforce accounts, we can start to see these features, exploring Sales Cloud and getting acquainted with its interface.

It may be overwhelming at first, but that’s (usually) just because it’s new. That’s why there are resources like Salesforce Trailhead and this blog series we have at Ledgeview to help ease your comfort and guide you to success.

Knowledge isn’t just power, it’s peace of mind!

When you get started, you’ll see the standard layout, which you can customize at any time. Trailhead reminds us to value the standard layout as a canvas that is open to be altered as we develop throughout our Sales Cloud journeys.

Once you become acquainted with the interface, you can uniquely customize Sales Cloud to fit your processes, goals, metrics, users, etc.

To learn on your own, you can use resources like Trailhead, Salesforce’s Help Portal, and the Success Community to help guide your success.

However, if you need help that extends beyond self-directed learning, you can always take advantage of Salesforce’s Circles of Success, Events, and Accelerators, which you will learn more about in this unit.

You can always consult your business and technology consulting partner along the way.

When you identify the resources that are most helpful to you, and begin to utilize them, you can set milestones for success.

You can identify timelines to get your organization up and running with Sales Cloud. Once you have your strategy, you will be able to lock in these details and encourage high and continuous user adoption from the begin of your Sales Cloud journey!

Trailhead gets us thinking with questions like …

  • When do you want to launch Sales Cloud for your team?
  • When will you train your users?

They encourage us to think about relevant milestones like …

  • Adding all relevant users
  • Configuring Sales Cloud to fit our business
  • Importing data
  • Enabling features to make our teams more productive
  • Training our users

There is no one-size-fits-all timeline, because every organization is unique in its processes, functionality, users, etc. How you mold your timelines and strategies will depend on these unique factors!

Uncover the details to your success when you complete this unit yourself.

Start your educational journey with this Salesforce Trailhead module here.

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