Salesforce Trailhead and Customer Service Tips

In this Salesforce Trailhead module, we learn how to use Intelligent Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service for Banks.

The first unit in this educational series is, “Connect with Customers in a Whole New Way.”

This is a great module for Salesforce admins and users and Customer Service Agents alike!

Salesforce Trailhead has outline the objectives of this unit as:

  • “Explain how Salesforce helps banks identify prospects early in the buying journey
  • Describe how Salesforce enables banks to target prospects with offers focused on their needs
  • Explain what a frictionless customer onboarding experience looks like”

To start the unit we are introduced to a customer, Rachel Adams, who recently moved to the Big Apple and is on the job hunt.

As a result, she’s looking for a bank that can help her achieve her new financial goals that correlate with this life change.

We learn that Rachel uses a variety of devices (laptop, tablet, mobile) to research information about banks that might fit her needs and help her achieve her goals.

The bank in this story is a fictional institution called “Cumulus.” We learn that in the past, Cumulus was not able to reach Rachel, though they fit her needs.

Today, however, they are on a new path to convert her to a customer with the help of Salesforce Audience Studio.

Audience Studio helps Cumuls piece together breadcrumbs about Rachel by capturing anonymous data from the multiple devices she accesses their website on.

Audience Studio helps Cumulus:

  • Unify data to identify and understand prospects like Rachel
  • Understand individual preferences and expectations
  • Capture anonymous data across multiple screens and sources
  • And use data to target campaigns to target audiences

Though Rachel hasn’t opted in to communications with Cumuls, they can still retarget ads to her with the help of Audience Studio using the interconnected capabilities Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers.

From Rachel’s perspective, we learn that she is encouraged and inspired to browse more financial blogs, and as she sees ads popping up for Cumulus, she gradually clicks on them more.

However, before she initiates the process of opening an account, she becomes distracted and doesn’t move forward.


Like many people her age, we learn, that she is easily distracted and clicks away. She is too busy perusing her friends’ newsfeeds. While she is messaging her friend with Facebook  Messenger, however, she sees an ad pop up about Cumuls and becomes curious.

A Chatbot engages her and informs her about an impressive sign-on bonus and low interest rate.

She’s thrilled!

Finally, she takes the next steps.

Learn how Cumulus closes the deal, and how you can practice similar methodology when you complete this Salesforce Trailhead unit yourself.

Get started here.

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