A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Trailhead: Content Builder Basics

This week with Trailhead, I’m focusing on “Organize Assets to Align with Your Content Strategy” under the “Create Compelling Content with Content Builder” module.

In this segment, Trailhead covers these key learning objectives:

  • Create and organize folders that align with your content strategy
  • Import content into Content Builder
  • Tag content and associate it with campaigns
  • Filter and search for content

Salesforce starts this segment by reaffirming that once you’ve come to understand the value of content and finished your strategy, you can truly put it to work in Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

I’ve completed these two segments and documented my experience in previous blogs, so if they interest you, search the Ledgeview Partners blog with the keywords “A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Trailhead”.

Content Builder is a super cool feature of Marketing Cloud.

You can access it in a few different ways. Once you’re in it, you can import classic content, create it, search for it, or sort and filter it.

Folders within Content Builder can be used to store content and assist with your strategies.

So, if you’re marketing strategy revolves around the seasons, especially if you’re a B2C, you may organize your folders by Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Then, your subcategorized folders may be named by your product lines that are important for that season.

When you organize your folders according to your strategy, you set yourselves up to be most effective during the execution phase.

Once you understand the importance of creating folders that reflect your strategy, you can start creating them.

To do so, click on “Local” to keep a folder to yourself, or “Shared”, to give your team access.

When you right click on either of these, you can begin to create folders and subfolders.

When you’re ready, you can start to add content to them via an upload, import, or by creating it directly in Marketing Cloud.

This segment shows you exactly how to do all this, so if you feel lost by this overview, don’t worry, just be sure to get started with Trailhead or navigate to Salesforce’s YouTube videos after reading this post.

There are important considerations for each method, which Trailhead walks you through, when it comes to labeling, sorting, and searching.

As you create Campaigns and get more used to the interface, you’ll be flying with content creation in Marketing Cloud.

Content Builder is an awesome feature that I love learning more about.

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Until next time, here’s to completing more trails together in Trailhead! 

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