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Welcome back to another blog post all about my journey with Salesforce Trailhead.

I hope that, if you’ve kept up, documenting my own Trailhead journey has helped you start your own modules.

What better resolution to make in the New Year than to learn new technical skills, right?

With Salesforce, there’s always something new to learn. As technology evolves, Salesforce leads with gusto.

This week, I’m diving deeper into the “Create Compelling Content with Content Builder” module with “Create Effective Email Content”.

This segment focuses on teaching you these key things:

  • Describe how to develop a plan of action
  • Explain the considerations for designing effective content
  • And describe how to test and optimize email performance

A well-executed strategy is a result of a well-done plan. Do you have yours in place?

To begin the segment, Salesforce walks you through how to do exactly this, giving you key ideas and questions to ask yourselves to get started.

Do you know what the day-to-day habits of your audience (consumers) look like? Do you know what obstacles they face, and questions they have? 

When you know the answers, Salesforce says, you’re able to better target them.

I couldn’t agree more and would like to piggy-back on that sentiment that, as a result, and, by definition, you’re also able to better engage with them …

When you create a marketing path for the consumer, you should think about it from their perspective.

The better you understand the consumer and prepare the buying journey, the better sales, and marketing strategies and alignment you’ll achieve.

With Salesforce, you can go a few steps further and tailor content that is unique to the individual, yes, the individual!

We’re not just talking about the target audience here, but a sole member of it.

With the way artificial intelligence has developed, we as marketers are able to get down to this intimate of a level to reach them in more dynamic ways. Pretty cool, right?

With email, there are a number of effective ways to do it, and Salesforce provides a guideline for you to get started.

Whatever your industry or business, there are key attributes you’ll want to include.

When creating emails to reach mass audiences in Salesforce, Trailhead reinforces top considerations like sender name, subject line, preheader text, etc.

Every field should be addressed with careful analyzation and purpose.

Consider: What will capture the individual’s attention? Is it uniquely addressed to them? Does it relate? Are you speaking to them, or your screen?

Emails aren’t just about making a sale and promoting anymore; they’re about cultivating a unique experience, creating a worthy brand world for the consumer to thrive in, and captivating audience attention.

Once you find the unique structure that works for you, you can optimize email campaigns in Salesforce even better.

It’s all inter-connected!

To finish this segment, Trailhead walks you through how you can do what they describe in Email Studio and Content Builder.

So, if you want to see it in action, it’s time to start this trail with me.

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Until next time, here’s to completing more trails together in Trailhead! 

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