Salesforce Trailhead

Congratulations, fellow Trailblazers!

We’ve reached the final unit in this exciting technological series, “Data Modeling” in Salesforce Trailhead.

Today, we’ll learn to “Work with Schema Builder”.

Before you read on, I encourage you to look back so you can make the most of this recap to build your own knowledge base and be guided through this trail …

When you’re ready, let’s dive into the third unit of this learning path together …

This time, Trailhead covers these learning objectives:

  • Describe the advantages of using Schema Builder for data modeling.
  • Use SChema Builder to create schema for a given object model.
  • Use Schema Builder to add a custom object to your schema.
  • and – Use Schema Builder to add a custom field to your schema. 

Since we’ve learned to create custom objects, fields, and relationships, we can now take advantage of the Schema Builder, which lets us visualize and edit our data models.

Trailhead advises this tool is useful for designing and understanding complex data models.

They provide an example and setup steps within the unit that you can replicate yourself.

Trailhead encourages this is a “handy tool” for introducing customizations to your colleagues or explaining how data flows through your system.

Visual-learners will especially love this method!

In addition to being great for visualization, we can use Schema Builder to customize our data models.

We can manage permissions for our custom fields directly in Schema Builder, and create objects and fields.

Trailhead provides steps for all within this unit.

Overall, this module is fantastic for those who want to learn more about Salesforce development and data modeling.

This is a great course that can help pave the way for you to participate in more advanced lessons, and I look forward to diving deeper into those with you in the (hopefully) near future!

I’m pleasured to have walked this challenging and rewarding trail with you, fellow Trailblazers.

Until next time!

You can finish this module with this unit by clicking here.

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