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Are you ready to deliver outstanding omnichannel service to your customers?

In the third unit of the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Intelligent Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service for Banks,” we learn how to “Delight Customers with Outstanding Omnichannel Service.”

Do you remember Rachel and her experience with Cumulus bank in units one in two? You can recap by completing the first two units yourself before reading this, or look back at the blog over the past two weeks!

In this unit, we follow Rachel even further along in her customer experience. Salesforce Trailhead covers these objectives:

  • “Describe how Salesforce allows banks to provide accelerated and omnichannel support to customers
  • Explain how Salesforce can present relevant support articles and next-best actions to service agents
  • Outline the benefits of self-service support through intelligent customer communities
  • Describe how Salesforce can keep customers up to date about progress toward resolving their support issues”

In this unit, we move forward with Rachel in her home buying journey and circle back to Einstein.

Dan, a banker at Cumulus, informs Rachel that she will need to protect her home investment. How?

Based on Rachel’s portfolio at Cumulus, Einstein helps Dan make recommendations to Rachel for the right insurance.

Rachel is excited about Dan’s thoroughness. She takes up the deal.

Years later, Rachel’s home suffers from a windstorm and a tree falls on it.

Instead of having to call, she connects with her home insurance agent, Erin, via a two-way video chat mobile app powered by Cumulus.

This helps Erin to see Rachel’s history clearly.

In addition, the knowledgebase that comes with the app empowers Rachel to self-serve and get answers to some of her most pressing questions.

Erin makes recommendations and books a hotel for Rachel to stay in a safe and secure place while her home is being prepared, based on her activity and preferences history.

Next, with Rachel’s permission, Erin enrolls her in an SMS service that updates her on any changes to her case.

Rachel also becomes a part of the Cumulus customer community since joining the app. She posts questions and gets user recommendations about hiring the right contractor to make repairs to her home.

In just a few weeks, Rachel is able to return home. Her home is fully repaired!

Are you ready to create a customer experience like this and show your support for your customers throughout their lifetimes?

Complete this module to learn more! Get started with unit three here or pickup with the module from the beginning.

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