Deliver Proactive Customer Service

Last week, we learned how to manage Dissatisfied Customers in the Contact Center of Salesforce. Today, we learn how to be proactive and avoid creating dissatisfied customers in the first place!

The next unit of the Salesforce Trailhead Module, “Customer Retention for Managers,” emphasizes these key learning objectives:

  • Explain why proactive service managers
  • List methods to deliver proactive service
  • Implement tactics to create customer advocates

Salesforce explains that the Contact Center used to act as a place to solely fix problems, but has now turned into a “real business driver” with the rise of the digital era.

Did you know that according to Harvard Business Review, 81% of people would rather use self-service than engage with customer service?

This is huge in terms of how we become proactive customer service agents and resolve issues with our customers. For example, are we providing them the tools and resources they need to engage in self-service properly?

Salesforce encourages reps to reach out to customers to pre-empt complaints. This helps innovative managers “shift the conversation.”

Salesforce Trailhead ModuleSome of the most effective proactive service methods customer service reps can partake in are:

  • Checking in periodically (to acknowledge things like birthdays, anniversaries, to distribute coupons or rewards, etc.)
  • Acknowledging milestones (such as if they’ve reached a certain customer milestone like being a customer of your business for a year)

Salesforce teaches us that when we anticipate the needs of our customers, we become more strategic and effective customer service professionals. You may advise your customer on warranties in addition to the aforementioned, for example.

As a result of this proactive service strategy, you stand a chance at making your customers brand advocates! Salesforce provides constructive tips for incorporating this marketing element into your customer service approach to conclude this unit.

Learn exactly how to be a proactive rep and turn your customers into brand advocates when you complete the unit yourself!

Next time, we will cover the unit, “Create a Stronger Contact Center Workforce.”

If you have any questions about using Salesforce or Trailhead in the meantime, reach out to our experts. We are here to support you during any step of your technological journey.

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