Customer Service TipsAre you ready to deliver proactive customer service in the Salesforce ecosystem?

In this “Beginner’s Guide” post, we recap the unit, “Deliver Proactive Service”, under the Salesforce Trailhead Module, “Communication Skills for Customer Service Agents”, to help you …

  • Understand why proactive service matters
  • Learn methods to deliver proactive service
  • Implement tactics to create customer advocates for your business

This unit is just the (support) ticket customer service agents need to achieve new levels of expertise!

First, let’s cover why proactive service matters. Proactive service helps us meed modern consumer demand more effectively than legacy models that require more interaction from person to person.

Proactive services means preparing your technology to handle the self-service requests of the modern consumer.

Proactive service helps to put your customers in the driver’s seat, so they gain a better understanding of your products or services. Meanwhile, you are working to earn customers for life by creating an information center for them in your CRM to fulfill this desire.

In today’s marketplace, proactive customer service methods include:

  • Periodic personalized check-ins: This method establishes and maintains healthy relationships with your customers. You connect with them better, whether by celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with them or acknowledging important milestones like a purchase amount reward, for example.

  • Strategic product and service communications: This method is about anticipating the needs of your customers and advising them on warranties. It’s important to contact them before maintenance or expiration dates occur to establish trust with them.

  • Thanking your customers: We know saying “thank you” to our customers is important, but Salesforce elaborates on this value for this method. Salesforce dives deeper into the concept, and inspires you to think out-of-the-box to thank them.Give them a shout-out online, add thank-you gifts to their orders (like free samples), or even send hand-written personalized notes. Today’s modern consumer loves personalization almost as much as they love to be acknowledged. Show your grattitude and win a positive brand attitude with your customer base!

Finally, we are encouraged to think about how to turn our customers into brand advocates.

Proactive service helps to get people talking about our brands. Advocates inflate this concept, and help to:

  • Recommend products or services
  • Fuel passion for the brand and spread words of encouragement across the Web
  • Reach networks outside of our own brand access

Salesforce reflects that proactive service shows us that contact centers don’t just have to be about fixing things that are broken, but customer service reps can also use their work base as a place to spread a company’s message. Customer service reps can encourage advocacy in a variety of fun and interesting ways.

Salesforce recommends these methods:

  • Create contests or promotions based on customer region to spread social awareness about your brand
  • Create generous referral reward programs that provide great incentives for customers and encourage them to recommend your brand
  • Offer “insider” access to your “VIP” customers, giving them sneak previews of upcoming products or services, early deliver of products, or tickets to company or company-sponsored events

There are many ways to be a proactive customer service rep!

Learn more about them when you dive into the details and complete this unit yourself.

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