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Last week, we learned about how Salesforce approaches wellbeing in the workplace and how to integrate holistic wellness initiatives into our own cultures.

This week, we take things a step further in unit two and unlock the pillars of wellbeing.

In this unit, Salesforce covers these objectives:

  • “Identify the five key pillars of a healthy lifestyle
  • Describe ways to measure wellbeing goals”

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Salesforce breaks down wellbeing into five pillars. They are:

  • Nourish – helps us “tackle our healthy eating goals” with “knowledge”
  • Revive – helps us “recharge” with “resources for sleeping well, taking time off, and unplugging”
  • Move – encourages us to “do our bodies good with exercises and activities that work for our lifestyles”
  • Thrive – helps us “manage stress and build resiliency to help us roll with life’s punches”
  • Prosper – enables us to “focus on our finances and gain knowledge that helps us plan for the future”

This is whole wellness, in a nutshell!

They are the pillars of Salesforce’s Camp B-Well, Salesforce’s employee wellness program.

Salesforce elaborates upon these principles within the unit.

Even better, we discover that these pillars can be measured! How?

While Salesforce’s goal is a healthy workforce for all, to determine if they’re achieving it, they use the V2MOM scale, which helps individuals measure their wellbeing.

Salesforce provides programs and resources to help them prioritize their health and wellbeing, whether they bike to work, go to a yoga class, or spend more time with loved ones.

You can do the same things for your team!

Discover how and dive into the five pillars of health in-depth within this unit.

Start your journey here.

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