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In the second unit of the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Intelligent Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service for Banks,” we learn how to “Empower Bankers to Be Their Best.”

Within the unit, Salesforce Trailhead covers these objectives:

  • “Explain how bankers can use Salesforce to intelligently prioritize their customer interactions
  • Describe how Salesforce helps bankers engage and encourage prospects at key moments
  • Outline how Salesforce drives seamless, customer-centric collaboration among bankers and their business partners”

In the last unit, we met Rachel, a young person who had just made a major life change and was looking for a bank to support her new financial goals.

The bank in this fictional scenario is called Cumulus.

In this unit, we meet Dan, a personal banker at Cumuls Bank who specializes in mortgages.

He starts his days at Cumulus by logging in to Salesforce and using dynamic dashboards to review selling activity, customer account usage, and CSAT and NPS metrics.

These dashboards help Dan identify where opportunities exist to address the mortgage needs of Cumulus Bank customers.

Einstein helps Dan do this most effectively!

He uses the tool to see that Rachel has rates a 92 on the company’s likelihood scale to need a mortgage, compared to an average score of 71 at Cumulus.

Using Einstein, Dan can see Rachel’s top predictive factors, which include:

  • Visited bank mortgage website
  • Responded to re-engage campaign ad and filled out calculator
  • Mortage amount in calculator > $500k
  • Downloaded mobile app
  • Initially abandoned mortgage calculator

Based on this information, Dan further pursues insights about Rachel.

He decideds to open communication with her and ask her about her initial experience with Cumulus, then inquire about her home purchase plans.

They exchange a few emails, and Dan is able to log these activities in Einstein to keep track of their communications and Rachel’s intentions.

Einstein tells Dan that if Rachel doesn’t engage with him for more than a week, she is likely to abandon the process. However, it also tells him that she’s much more likely to respond to a phone call, so he tries that instead and learns that Rachel is struggling to find a realtor to aid her in her search. This is holding her back.

So, what does Dan do?

We learn that Cumulus keeps a list of realtor partners that Dan can easily access to help Rachel.

When Rachel gives the okay, Dan sends her contact information along to recommended agents.

Find out how Dan helps Rachel find her dream home in Brooklyn, NY, when you complete the Trailhead module yourself.

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