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It’s time, Trailhead pals! Are you ready to explore content types within the “Create Compelling Content with Content Builder Module of Trailhead”?

I’ve been walking you through my journey steadily, and am very excited to have documented this part of the module, and be able to share it with you now.

Let’s dive right in.

After this unit, Trailhead says you will be able to …

  • Name the types of content you can create with Content Builder
  • Describe different types of content blocks
  • Explain the benefits of reusable content blocks

There’s no doubt that content creation, and sharing it under a defined and well-executed marketing strategy help to build, sustain, and grow customer relationships.

In the unit “Content Builder Basics” you learn more about this, but in this part, we take a more specific dive into the email types that help with the aforementioned from template to HTML to text-only to existing email.

There are a number of types of content blocks you can take advantage of.

As Salesforce states, “these blocks are made of anything from images to text to buttons”, and your message layout may include one or more of them.

Some of the most well-known block styles include:

  • Text: Used for blocks that include only text and links
  • Image: Used to insert JPEG, PNG, GIF, and AMPscript files to display images in the block
  • Social Share: Allows subscribers to share the emails you send them with their social networks
  • Social Follow: Allows subscribers to follow you on social media

And much more!

Image Carousel is a unique tool that I could envision apparel B2Cs taking advantage of.

Now, there are even more dynamics blocks you can use in Marketing Cloud like Live Image, which allows you to control message content at the time the subscriber/receiver opens it by switching relevant images in real-time, or even Enhanced Dynamic Content, which lets you import delimited files containing text and image URLs.

There’s more that goes into email marketing now than ever before.

Personally, from a consumer and marketer’s standpoint, I have liked taking advantage of GIF and cinemagraph formats to attract subscribers to learn more.

The possibilities are expansive with email marketing in Marketing Cloud, and you can get down to the nitty-gritty technical know-how with Salesforce when you start your own trails.

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