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Last week, I recapped my experience with the unit, “Get Started with Volunteer Management” under the Trailhead module, “Volunteer Management“.

Today, our journey continues with “Find the Right Volunteers“!

This path is a great series of tutorials for nonprofit team members who want to discover more effective ways to interact and connect with their volunteers.

Increased volunteer retention is certainly on the horizon through these teachings.

Let’s dive in!

In this unit, the objectives are to:

  • Explain where to go to search for volunteers with specific skills
  • Find a volunteer who has specific skills for a job
  • and – Assign that volunteer to a shift and verify the signup

This unit goes into detail about how to search for the right volunteers based on their availability or skill sets and interests.

Trailhead explains that you can search for volunteers on the Find Volunteers page. When you start there, you can search using volunteer-specific custom fields.

This is very valuable for nonprofits since the way they (/you) use Salesforce is going to be quite different than other industries.

The system functionality is tailored to your needs, in a sense.

When you use these fields, you can expand the search criteria to include more contact fields.

You’ll want to search for “Active” volunteers after choosing your criteria if you’re recruiting for an event that’s happening soon.

So, for example, if this event is happening once on a Saturday morning, you’ll want to search by that time availability.

Once you’ve set your criteria, you will click “Find” to see the list of matching contacts, and be able to reach out to them.

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Once you reach out to the volunteer(s), and they confirm their availability, you can assign them to specific events or programming.

You can find out how to enter volunteer campaigns, jobs, and shifts in previous units within this module.

To assign volunteers to jobs, follow these steps, as explained by Trailhead:

  1. Navigate to the “Volunteers” Section, and select the volunteer you want to assign
  2. Under the “Assign to a Job or Shift” Section, Click on the Campaign, Volunteer Job, Volunteer Shift, and Status
  3. Once you’re ready and have completed these fields, click “Assign”

You can verify the volunteer hours when you navigate back to the “Find Volunteers” page in your system and click on the assignee’s name.

Simply click on the “Contact Detail” page, and then the “Related” tab. Scroll down, and you should see the assigned work connected to your contact’s name.

Trailhead makes an important note that if you don’t see this, you may just need to add it to your Contact page Layout, so don’t worry that you did something wrong. Check that first!

Learn more about V4S when you begin this module yourself.

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