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Hello, Trailhead friends.

We’ve been on “Create Compelling Content with Content Builder” for a while now, so I think it’s time to wrap things up and let you know what to expect during the last three units of it!

Here’s what I uncovered:

After “Explore Content Types”, you’ll finish up the module with these units:

  • Create and Edit Your Content (10 min.)
  • Create Dynamic Content (10 min.)
  • and Implement and Reuse Your Content (15 min.)

During, “Create and Edit Your Content”, you will see the true expansiveness of Marketing Cloud’s Content Builder come to life.

It’s amazing, to me as a marketer, how many different ways there are to build content, and platforms to do it with.

It should really come as no surprise that Salesforce allows for this with it being one of the foremost CRM leaders in the world today.

In “Create and Edit Your Content”, you will be exposed to The Content Tab, WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Editor, Attributes, Content, Content for Buttons, The Block Settings Tab, and the HTML Editor Tab.

Trailhead goes into detail with best practices and how-tos for each way.

Next, you move into the “Create Dynamic Content” unit, which dives deeper into the exciting features that I touched on in last week’s blog.

From both a marketer and consumer standpoint, nothing is quite as exciting or exceptional as email personalization.

Emails made for the individual really give companies a one-up in the current market.

Trailhead walks you through where to find the “Dynamic Content” tab in Marketing Cloud and explores the capabilities of “Enhanced Dynamic Content” for Salesforce users and admins.

With different loyalty levels, you receive a special discount to use Enhanced Dynamic Content.

It’s a great way to do email marketing in CRM, and, from what I’ve learned in this module, I recommend trying it out if even a little of what I’m sharing about my experience has interested you.

The last unit in this module is “Implement and Reuse your Content”, which shows you how to create layouts using Content Builder, manage settings for content in templates, and explain how Content Builder works within other Marketing Cloud products.

Trailhead provides relevant examples of how you can use different layouts to send individualized “happy birthday” emails to your subscribers, for example.

Templates are easy to customize, especially for newsletters, and Trailhead friends, you can’t forget about the power of Email Studio or Landing Pages.

When you’ve gotten this far, you should feel confident going into Salesforce Marketing Cloud and using it to create and send targeted emails.

The thorough overview Trailhead provides in this module about the value of content, how to create different types of content, how to store it and send in Salesforce, and more, is exactly what the doctor ordered, or, maybe your marketing manager, to start the New Year on the right foot with your email marketing campaigns.

As for me, I’m super excited about the possibilities of Enhanced Dynamic Content, and beginning more trails with you in 2019.

What’s next for this journey? It’s time for you and me to start exploring the possibilities.

Here’s to new trails! Until next week … Click here to get started at

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