Hello, fellow Trailblazers!

This week, I’m taking you through the module, Volunteer Management, in Trailhead.

This one is comprised of the following units:

  • Get Started with Volunteer Management
  • Find the Right Volunteers
  • and – Manage Email and Report on Volunteer Participation

Today, I’m recapping my experience with the first unit in this module.

The objectives of this module are to help users:

  • Identify some ways you can use V4S (meaning Volunteer for Salesforce, is a Salesforce tool that helps you manage your organization’s volunteering program, events, and people) to improve volunteer management
  • and – Enter volunteer skills, availability, and status for volunteers in Salesforce

Whatever role you play in a nonprofit organization and whether your organization is small or large, you are sure to find this module valuable.

V4S helps nonprofits manage and connect with their volunteers more effectively, so no steps are missed between volunteer actions and providing ongoing communications and updates to them.

Have you ever volunteered for an organization, and then received no follow-up on your activities?

Reversely, as a nonprofit team member, you may have gone through this, feeling you didn’t have enough time, capacity, or data to be able to follow-up, much less a way to manage your volunteer information.

V4S helps you to automate custom emails to your volunteers, so this step isn’t missed.

You can use your system to automate emails to them to remind them about their volunteer shifts, or thank them for their time contributions, for example.

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V4S also allows you to search for-and-find-volunteers with specific skills.

It comes equipped with reports and dashboards that allow you to see how your volunteers are contributing, and where you need to fill in the volunteer gaps as an organization.

For example, if you are preparing for a bake sale style fundraiser, you can search your system for volunteers who love to bake and recruit them to help.

(You can easily integrate V4S in your website. Salesforce makes the process user-friendly, and explains how to in this trail.)

If a volunteer reaches out to you with scheduling changes as well, V4S lets you easily update their availability so you always know who is available to help you with your cause.

Learn more about V4S when you begin this module yourself.

Start your trail to volunteer management success here.

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