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Have you ever wondered how customer service agents can effectively utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve?

In the module, “Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service”, we learn:

  • How to Improve Customer Service Using Artificial Intelligence
  • and Why Chatbots Matter to the Contact Center

The first unit covers:

  • The value of artificial intelligence (AI) and the value it can bring to your contact center
  • How Service Cloud Einstein delivers scale and productivity to customer service
  • The ways AI can help you deliver world-class customer experience

In order to best understand this module, you must first understand what artificial intelligence is.

In today’s world, artificial intelligence is often thought of as fragments of advanced technology in science fiction movies that feals far from reach in our “normal” lives, but as technology evolves, this is far from the truth.

Artificial intelligence, at a high level, is machinery meant to think like humans. Alexa and Siri, for example, are artificial intelligence. Many people use them everyday, but don’t consider them artificial intelligence.

This is not a new concept, either, despite the word’s current fad in the digital sector. Theoretical models, Salesforce educates, have been around for some time and now, thanks to the large amounts of data combined with the low cost of high-powered computing, are developing and exist.

Salesforce explains how machines work to put in context for the customer service rep. Salesforce says “computers learn from data with minimal programming.”

“Instead of writing code, you feed a machine data and it builds its own logical function based on this data.”

The most important components of AI that Salesforce elaborates on in this module include:

  • Natural language understanding (NLU)
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Named entity recognition (NER)
  • and Deep learning

To continue to encourage you to forge your own educational path, I won’t spoil the details!

Next, we learn that everything in this lesson relies on data. Without data, our machines wouldn’t function how they need to or serve us in the ways we created them to.

This makes “data hygiene” extremely important.

If the data isn’t accurate, for example, the actions of the programmed machine may not work.

With all of this in mind, you may wonder how customer service reps really tie into the picture. With Smarter Customer Service with Einstein, Salesforce helps customer service reps take advantage of artificial intelligence in their own lives and apply it to their daily work.

In the Contact Center, customer service reps are empowered by Smarter Customer Service with Einstein to:

  • Increase deflection and reduce handle time
  • Turbocharge agent productivity
  • Rapid deployment and time-to-value

This is all possible because of:

  • Einstein Bots
  • Einstein Agent
  • Einstein Discovery
  • Einstein Vision for Field Service
  • Einstein Language

These tools help customer service reps get customers the help they need much more effectively and quickly on any device they’re using, and improve case resolution timelines to solidify a positive brand reputation.

AI lets you scale your business, starting departmentally with your customer service reps!

This is truly just a highlight of what’s possible – learn all about it when you begin this trail yourself via this link.

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