Salesforce Trailhead Beginner's Guide

Welcome back to the Ledgeview Partners Blog, my fellow Trailblazers – are you ready to increase agent productivity?

Today, we are covering unit three of the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Salesforce Customer Service Strategies”.

In this unit, we learn all about …

  • The benefits of Einstein Escalation Predictor
  • The importance of using a single agent console
  • How Appointment Scheduler increases productivity

If you’ve already done units one and two, and are ready to dive in, let’s recap …

First, we learn why exactly we use Einstein Escalation Predictor in Salesforce.

Trailhead reminds us that it’s a helpful innovation tool that notifies us when cases are likely to need additional attention.

Within Einstein Escalation Predictor, data is analyzed from customers to understand and predict future customer behaviors.

Definitely innovative!

Within Salesforce’s data center, Einstein Escalation Predictor looks at the severity of past cases to make predictions about future case outcomes and customer behaviors.

Factors like escalation to management, urgency, and red status are highly considered.

This helps us build a data model that flags our most important issues with our customers. It shows us, at a glance, which cases are likely to require more action.

This makes the work of customer service reps much more effective in today’s high demand consumer environment.

Next, we move on to learn about Appointment Scheduler, how to use it, and how it benefits our customer service reps.

In the past, with Salesforce, scheduling field service required ample back and forth. With the new model, agents are much more efficient and customers save more time.

Trailhead says, “it puts the power of convenience back into the customer’s hand, allowing them to self-schedule their one-on-one engagements” with reps and the organization.

When customers submit a case, they now see a button that says “schedule an appointment”.

This functionality leaves decisions and flexibility in the hands of the customer, helping them to feel much more satisfied with the state of their case from the get-go.

Awesome, right?

Last, in this unit, we learn about the importance of a Single Console.

A Single Console “provides one single view of the customer” to “ensure agents and managers have everything right at their fingertips”.

Trailhead names it as one of the best ways to improve agent productivity.

Learn all about this feature and Service Cloud when you complete the unit yourself. It’s time to increase agent productivity within your organization!

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