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Another week, another unit. Today, I recap the last unit in the Trailhead series: “Discover Service for Small Business with Service Cloud Essentials”.

This unit teaches users how to:

  • Point out where key features are within the service console
  • and describe the features of Service Cloud Essentials

Trailhead begins with an explanation of how Service Cloud Essentials Features all work together to help you deliver that amazing, first-rate customer service we’ve been focusing on the past few weeks in this blog series.

Salesforce explains, “The service console is where all of the features of Service Cloud Essentials come together … [it] is your home base for providing excellent customer service.”

Here’s how the benefits of Salesforce Service Essentials can be broken down …

(Again, I’ll be brief as to allow you the opportunity to explore the unit and gather details yourself.)

Agent Workspace

The console helps you see everything you need to about the customer and their issue right in front of you, eliminating the amount of clicking and scrolling you need to do.

Case Details

You can see all of the case details, contact details, and related cases within the console, which means the right information is always in front of you at the right time when you’re working with customers.

Customer Details

The need for the rep to ask for customer details again is eliminated with the console. This helps to increase retention rates, because, let’s face it – it’s annoying when a customer service rep has to ask for our information every time we ring them.

This also prevents reps from adding account information again and having duplicate records.

Case Feed

This allows you to be able to see case updates at a glance, ensuring your team is aware of the actions and status of each case at all times.

Utility Bar

Salesforce assures, “the utility bar is your friend.”

It is a customizable bar, located at the bottom of your console that provides a shortcut to all the tools your team needs to provide quicker, more effective resolutions.

Salesforce makes it easy for small businesses to get started with Service Cloud Essentials through its setup command center. Of course, you can also get started with the platform through your business and technology partner.

Overall, when it comes to Service Cloud Essentials, my major takeaway is that it is a user-friendly system for small businesses to take advantage of in order to provide the best customer service possible within their means.

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Have you been following this trail as well? What were your major takeaways?

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