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Hello, and welcome to the final unit of Volunteer Management in Salesforce Trailhead.

If you’ve been following along the past few weeks, you will know we’ve already covered the first and second unit in this educational path:

  1. A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Trailhead: Get Started with Volunteer Management
  2. and – A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Trailhead: Find the Right Volunteers

Today, we’re going over another important topic in the series, under the unit title: “Manage Email and Report on Volunteer Participation”.

The learning objectives of this unit are to:

  • Send Custom Emails to your Volunteers
  • Understand how Automated Emails work in V4S
  • and – Use a Dashboard to Understand what your Volunteers are doing

Many nonprofit organizations tend to have limited time and staff to be able to manage everything, but V4S makes it much easier, allowing users to automate emails to keep in touch and interact and engage with their volunteers.

Email Templates help nonprofits immensely.

You can run workflow rules in V4S, for example, that trigger emails at the appropriate times, which you can deactivate or modify at any time.

To make use of these Email Templates, from your Setup screen, Trailhead provides directions to enter Email Templates in the Quick FInd box, and then select “Email Templates”.

From the Folder drop-down menu, click “VOlunteer Email Templates. You will see a complete list of V4S templates. These include:

  • Hours Reminder Email
  • Job reminder
  • Job Reminder (using letterhead)
  • Job Signup Notification
  • Job Signup Thank You
  • Shift Reminder
  • Shift Reminder (using letterhead)
  • Signup Notification
  • Signup Thank You
  • and – Personal Site Contact Lookup
Salesforce Trailhead

Image Courtesy of Salesforce Trailhead

So, for example, once you assign a volunteer to a volunteer job (like we did in the second unit), you can run a workflow rule that triggers a “Volunteer Job Signup Thank You” email to send to them.

You can preview these emails and customize them to your liking, adding relevant brand graphics or event descriptions as you please, for example.

Trailhead provides a list of resources within this unit that goes into more detail about customizing emails to your volunteers.

You can also manually email your volunteers if you prefer to.

This is especially relevant when you want to email them on the fly, whether you have a last-minute event or fundraising information to share.

Or, maybe you want to email them to remind them about their upcoming shift again! Whatever your purpose, the option remains.

Trailhead goes into the intricate steps of manual email sends within this unit.

Finally, we learn how to view Volunteer Reports and Dashboards in this unit, which are often users’ favorite parts of the system.

Reports and Dashboards give use clear, user-friendly visualization into the data that matters most to us – what could be better?!

You can access Dashboards in 2 very simple steps. Trailhead provides these directions for access:

  1. Click on your “Dashboards” tab
  2. In your “All Dashboards” folder, select “Volunteer Dashboard” – and that’s it! You should see your beautiful dashboards right away.

Trailhead also goes over key gotchas to watch for to prevent sending email duplicates and more.

Trailhead Volunteer Management Salesforce

Image Courtesy of Salesforce Trailhead

I don’t know about you, but I really liked this trail.

Trailhead’s comprehensive modules really help to diversify skill sets and give you insight into key updates and functionalities, whether you’re new to them or simply need a refresher.

I’m grateful to continue to learn the system and look forward to learning more with you in future blogs.

Learn more about V4S when you begin this module yourself.

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