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It’s time for another segment of Ledgeview’s new blog series: “A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Trailhead”. This time we’re focusing on Marketing Cloud Messaging Products.

To all of my fellow Salesforce newbies, I hope you’ve found my experience to be a helpful guiding post for you to start your own journey with Trailhead so far.

If you’ve yet to complete the Marketing Cloud Basics model, I recommend completing it before you read this post, or at least reading, “A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Trailhead: Marketing Cloud Basics” first.

I have started this trail with the first unit, “Marketing Cloud Messaging Products”. The trail itself is separated into four units:

  • Learn About Our Marketing Cloud Messaging Products
  • Learn About Our Marketing Cloud Advertising and Data Products
  • Learn About Our Marketing Cloud’s Social Media Management Product
  • Learn How Our Marketing Cloud Products Work Together

I will cover the first unit in this post, and the others in later posts, so stay tuned!

As a reminder, Marketing Cloud is made up of several Salesforce products that cover marketing messaging, advertising and data, and social media management, and have clear differences you will discover while working through these units.

This first part of Marketing Cloud Messaging includes the Email Studio, which is personalized to send personalized email marketing at scale. (In the messaging studio, the focus is on the studios and builders.)

Email Studio allows you to segment, automate, and target your customers based on the data you collect from them.

It works for many types of use cases, like sending individualized greetings for special days of their lives.

Next is Mobile Studio, which you can use to send mobile messages to your customers, regardless of their location, in an optimized fashion.

So, whether you need to create and automate custom messages like daily appointment reminders or order confirmations, this part of the Marketing Cloud Messaging product line will do you good!

You can track and send text messages, track when customers open your app, send ready-made SMS and MMS templates, and much, much more.

And, finally, you get Journey Builder as part of the product line, which “helps you create a coordinated customer journey at scale across email, mobile, and advertising”.

This means you can map the customer journey and adjust it to the customer’s path based on their behaviors, build and automate their journies, use data from any source, and test multiple types of content, channels, timing, and frequencies.

I really shouldn’t be so surprised learning about the vast capabilities of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, but the more I learn, the more I feel enlightened and empowered to use it to build better communications in my own work.

It’s amazing how we are able to communicate with each other at all of these various levels nowadays, don’t you think?

Whatever crowd or generation you’re a part of, there has to be some level of appreciation for the access we have to each other and with the businesses that we are interested in or customers of.

To me, as a marketer, I see this accessibility as a way to accelerate the growth of our organizational databases and create more marketing department efficiencies.

It’s just one way we can produce higher quality leads, and create better relationships with our customers.

This is really just the start of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Products.

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How canSalesforce Consulting at Ledgeview Partners you not be proud of that?

Until next time, here’s to walking more trails together in Trailhead!

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