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In the last unit of the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Customer Retention for Managers,” we learn how to Motivate Contact Center Agents. The key learning objectives Salesforce covers in this unit include:

  • Describe low-cost or no-cost ways you can motivate customer service agents
  • Tailor motivation to the individual agents
  • Coach agents using the Know, Feel, Do Approach

Once you find the right agents to employ in your Contact Center, you are on the path to success! This is just one step to achieving optimal outcomes with your Customer Service Agents.

Salesforce lists five incentives that matter most to customer service agents to keep them happy and working well for your team and company.

  1. Appreciation
  2. Empowerment
  3. Work/Life Balance
  4. Personal Growth and Development
  5. Transparent Communication

These five incentives are undoubtedly important to increase employee retention rates for a variety of roles.

Beyond paying them their worth, there are more low-cost ways to motivate your customer service agents.

Salesforce Trailhead Customer ServiceSalesforce suggests these key motivators:

  1. Ensure employees work on cases 80% of their day, and use the other 20% for follow-ups, research, and other channels to ensure they take a break from their case load.
  2. Encourage replenishing breaks. These are breaks designed to contribute to an employee’s overall health. Encourage them to step outside for a short walk, to get fresh air, meditate, or even read a few moments (about something other than work – leisure reading).
  3. Take timeouts for team building. This falls under creating a culture of appreciation, which Salesforce highly encourages and emphasizes in other modules.
  4. Value training as a daily practice because it helps to energize people, encourages them to deliver new skills, and builds more meaningful workplace relationships.
  5. Share food – silly as it may sound, most employees will agree that when their workplaces provide health snacks, organize luncheons, or bring homemade treats in to share, morale is boosted.

Reps aren’t the only team members who need to be motivated and keep up their excitement, though! To conclude this unit, Salesforce provides effective ways to keep managers engaged, and elaborates on how your business can use the “Know, Feel, Do” model to create a more effective customer service team.

Complete the module and unit here.

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