A Beginner's Guide to Salesforce Trailhead

Power Up with AppExchange | Salesforce Trailhead Recap from Ledgeview Partners

Wa-hoo! We’ve reached the last Unit of the Salesforce Trailhead module: “Salesforce Platform Basics”.

Today, I’ll recap Unit 5, “Power Up with AppExchange” with you.

I hope you’ve been following along and enjoying the teachings in this Beginner Admin series.

Today, we’ll learn how to …

  • Develop your own AppExchange Strategy
  • and Install an app from AppExchange

Let’s get started!

Salesforce Trailhead AppExchangeFirst, if you’re unfamiliar with AppExchange or need a refresher, it is, essentially, Salesforce’s own app store.

Salesforce has a community of partners that have used the platform to build amazing and unique apps that anyone can take advantage of.

Imagine a real estate broker needs an app, for example, to help him manage all of his business processes, from payroll to travel approval to integrations with other essential tools.

AppExchange offers exciting potential to the broker, sure, but before they start downloading apps, they’ll want to identify what they need and how specific apps can help them.

You wouldn’t go to Apple’s App Store, for example, and just start downloading a ton of apps that could apply, would you? Hopefully, the answer is no!

Trailhead helps us navigate the Salesforce AppExchange with ease, providing strategy tips to create the most effective approach.

You’ll want to know your budget and develop this in the most organized and efficient way so that your organization is satisfied and departments using Salesforce are aligned.

Within the unit, we also learn how to install apps. It’s not quite the same as downloading an app on your phone, so bear with the process as you learn it.

Once you’ve installed your first app, you may have trouble locating it. Trailhead also provides directions on this in this unit so you have no FOMO (fear of missing out).

To close the unit, Trailhead encourages that, as we start to explore AppExchange, it’s important we also browse other free apps from Salesforce Labs.

Salesforce Labs are free and open source, meaning you can customize them as needed and peek under the hood to see how they work.

This is a truly great benefit of the platform!

Congrats if you’ve finished the module with me. If not, get started any time and learn more about Salesforce Platform Basics as a Beginner Admin at your leisure.

Everyone starts somewhere. That’s what “A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Trailhead” is really all about anyway, right?

Begin your educational journey with me at Trailhead.Salesforce.com!

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Until next time, here’s to developing and improving together, my fellow Trailblazers!

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