Employee WellnessIn the final unit of the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Wellbeing at Work,” we learn how to put everything we’ve learned into an actionable plan!

When you need help getting leadership involved and on board your wellness programs, this is the perfect unit for you.

In this unit, Salesforce covers the objectives of:

  • “Illustrate how leadership can support wellbeing initiatives
  • Describe strategies for implementing wellbeing at scale”

Now that we’ve gone through Salesforce’s top tactics and programs for employee health and wellbeing, now we can really craft our plan of action!

First, Salesforce advises that we give permission. What does this mean? 

You can create all of the resources, events, activities, reminders, etc. for health and wellbeing, but without executive sponsorship and managerial permission to engage, employees will likely not pick up on the programming.

To encourage them to participate, managers must lead by example.

Managers are responsible for helping pave the path to wellbeing and help their employees practice self-care. If they allow themselves to, employees will feel allowed to as well.

Salesforce encourages us to make wellbeing scalable.

Salesforce’s Camp B-Well initiative promotes and pushes their global offices to drive messaging and programming.

Salesforce has created a variety of wellbeing initiatives from healthy cooking demos to yoga sessions to farmer’s market trips to mindfulness sessions and much, much more!

The point of this is to create a culture of whole wellness for all.

Get your tips about how to craft your own and start the process today when you complete the module with unit four.

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