Are you ready to scale service with self-help options for your customers?

Today we begin Unit Two of the Salesforce Trailhead Module, “Salesforce Customer Service Strategies.”

In this unit, we will learn how to …

  • Explain Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS)
  • Describe federated search
  • And Show how online communities can help your organization scale

If you’ve yet to complete the first unit recap on the Ledgeview Partners blog from August 15, 2019, I urge you to do so before diving into this one. Once you’ve covered it, we can move forward to understand how we can grow deeper knowledge bases for our customers to drive success with Salesforce Customer Service …

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Salesforce’s Customer Service Platform is designed to provide a solution that incorporates knowledge creation within the customer service agent workflow and build on that knowledge with help from a customer community.

The solution does this through the shared power of Knowledge, Communities, and Einstein Bots, which all work together to help your organization scale.

Salesforce’s Knowledge Base is always growing and improving to exceed customers’ needs.

Trailhead reminds us that Salesforce Knowledge makes self-service better and reduces customer effort.

At Salesforce, the aim with Knowledge Base to “solve once, and use often.”

Salesforce’s Knowledge Base relies on the KCS model created by the nonprofit, Consortium for Service Innovation.

It stands for Knowledge-Centered Service, which “strives to integrate the creation of knowledge articles into the problem-solving process.”

The KCS model, as stated by Salesforce, “helps contact centers evolve content and reward learning and collaboration.” It allows agents to continuously share expertise through Knowledge Base.

This means teammates across the globe are able to solve problems more effectively and quickly because of increased collaborations between success teams, account teams, and product teams.

Salesforce uses federated research as part of its Knowledge Base as well, because there are just some things you can’t find directly within your organization.

Not only do customers get information from your internal portal and search, but also from Google, without having to open another browser. Pretty awesome, right?

By extending resource venues to other platforms, Salesforce solidifies a global community of experts.

Did you know Salesforce has over 2 million monthly visits to its Trailblazer Community?

On top of this, Salesforce enables scalability with Einstein Bots, which helps guides the customer to the right answers while simultaneously allowing them to grow and learn from the data at hand that other customers put into the tool.

Now that you know more about how to scale service with self-help, get all of the details and start unit two yourself!

Start your journey with Salesforce Trailhead’s module, “Salesforce Customer Service Strategies” here.

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