Salesforce Trailhead

In the second unit of the Salesforce Trailhead module we learn why Chatbots matter to the Contact Center.

In this unit, we learn:

  • What the value of Chatbot is in the Contact Center
  • How Einstein Bots create scale and drive productivity for customer service

Salesforce reminds us that it’s likely we’ve used a bot before, but might not have realized it. Have you ever used Siri or Alexa? Then you’ve interacted with a bot!

Bots are designed to automate standard tasks. For example, we may ask Siri or Alexa for directions with our voice, and they tell us where to go.

Bots are being used more widespread to create more qualitative and seamless interactions between customer service reps and customers.

Simply, Salesforce describes a bot as “a computer program that can carry on a conversation when a user speaks or texts with it.”

Chatbots can do much, more though. Over time, they have extended to these capabilities:

  • Help customer service reps resolve issues faster by handling “low-touch customer requests” so reps can be hands-off
  • Deflect common customer service issues to help customers be self-directed to their answers and eliminate the need for them to wait in a queue
  • Reduce chat duration, saving companies money, reducing handling time and increasing satisfaction rates
  • Use human language to respond intelligently to a variety of requests (using NLU [natural language understanding])

Even better, the “personalities” of chatbots have been improved to be more transparent, personable, thorough, and iterative.

This means customers have better, more personalized conversations with chatbots.

Salesforce has transformed service with Einstein Bots. These are AI-powered and CRM-connected chatbots that engage customers with NLU (natural language understanding).

They “collect quality information in a conversational manner to automatically resolve routine customer requests”. These bots can automatically initiate or complete actions on an agent’s behalf!

Now you know Why Chatbots Matter to the Contact Center.

Learn all about them and discover more of the benefits of bots when you complete the unit yourself.

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