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Are you ready to use data-driven insights to improve your customer service practices? Today, we’re moving right along with the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Salesforce Customer Service Strategies,” my fellow Trailblazers.

In unit four, we learn all about:

  • The customer effort score
  • The frequency of customer surveys
  • And how surveys impact capacity planning

Do you remember what we covered in unit three (last week)? No worries if not! A lot happens in a week – I get it.

To recap, in brief, we learned all about:

  • The benefits of Einstein Escalation Predictor
  • The importance of using a single agent console
  • How Appointment Scheduler increases productivity

Unit four offers a continuation and amplification of the key learnings from unit three.

Remember, Einstein Analytics “provides a dynamic dashboard that gives us insights without logging a ticket and waiting for an IT request”.

Salesforce’s Customer Service Platform truly puts “convenience back in the customer’s hand” in many ways! It also makes things more convenient for our teams and organizations as a collective.

With Einstein Analytics, we have one source (version) of the truth that not only gets our entire team of customer service reps (CSR) on the same page but our organizations as a whole.

Managers can easily see case statuses and resolutions via Einstein Analytics. Everyone’s looking at the same dashboard – from front line management all the way up to executive leadership!

Confusion is eliminated with Einstein Analytics.

With Einstein Analytics, we are also able to measure customer effort.

What does this mean? In this unit, we learn that every interaction has the ability to be as simple and easy as possible using this tool.

Customer effort is calculated for each case using a 5-point scale.

After each case is closed with Salesforce, for example, customers are surveyed to get responses. This keeps data fresh and customer service reps effective instead of waiting every 30 or 15 days to get a response.

We can do the same with our own organizations to ensure, like with Salesforce, that the customer service experience picture is always up to date.

These tools help us prepare for the future and stay ahead of the curve.

Trailhead explains the capacity Einstein Analytics provides for organizational growth in closing. Now that you know more about how to use data-driven insights to improve your customer service processes, I’ll let you explore this on your own!

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