A Look Inside: How Prime Lube Utilizes Ledgeview Partners’ Inside Sales Program to Drive Success
Prime Lube Enhances its Business Model to Meet Customer Needs

The Situation

“We felt that implementing an Inside Sales Program would help us attain the highest level of Chevron Marketer, as well drive new sales volume,” says Don Di Vite, VP, and Principle at Prime Lube. “It was something we needed to do and the positive aspects of giving our Reps more selling time in the field to close business would be a huge benefit to our company.”

The vision for the partnership between Ledgeview Partners and Prime Lube was clear from the start: to allow outside sales reps to concentrate on more profitable opportunities and leverage Ledgeview’s Inside Sales Outsourcing (ISO) program to handle and maintain smaller accounts. Growth and increased profitability were major short and long-term objectives.

This model allowed the business to boom, but not without sensitivity to the process. Di Vite says that, like most sales reps, his team was reluctant to hand over accounts to a rep who wasn’t as familiar with their customers as they were. Some salespeople valued their customers as friends or family over almost 20 years of working with them. There was also some apprehension hiring an Inside Sales Rep who was outside of the headquarters’ local territory. However, Di Vite says the results of implementing the process have been positive, though it took time for everyone to get on board.

The key to the program’s ultimate success was the original lead out. The strategy was clearly defined, and not deviated from. Accounts were slowly transitioned over to the ISO rep at Ledgeview, and outside reps were able to spend more time creating new, higher profit accounts.

The Solution

The key to success in Prime Lube’s partnership with Ledgeview can be attributed to “open and clear communication,” Di Vite says.

Ledgeview customized a program for Prime Lube that segmented and tiered accounts to ensure they were getting proper attention based on their size and complexity. Ledgeview also developed reports that captured results versus goals and KPIs. These reports allowed Prime Lube to see exactly how Ledgeview was performing in a streamlined manner.

“We have an open conversation, open dialogue, monthly talks of: ‘here’s what’s going on, here’s something we should think about, here’s what we need to do,’” Di Vite says. “We discuss what Prime Lube needs to be more successful with the program and it is heard.”

Over years of working with Ledgeview, Di Vite has seen an evolution in his company’s sales process. Weekly reports keep Prime Lube on track, while monthly meetings with Ledgeview maintain sales alignment goals.

Another way Ledgeview helped Prime Lube with the ISO (inside sales outsourcing) program was transferring customers from a different vendor over to Chevron, further proving the program’s effectiveness for covering small and large business functions.

Di Vite notes that much of the information that is part of their current CRM is original data, but has been modified over the years to reflect ongoing needs and changes in market trends. Ledgeview’s ISO program has kept up with Prime Lube’s evolution with ease.

The Benefits

The proof is in the reports.

Di Vite reviews the reports on a schedule with Ledgeview and among his sales reps to keep the company’s goals in check and the program moving forward. Ledgeview’s adaptability and focus on customer needs helped to drive the company to succeed with their sales team throughout the process.

Customers are distributed between Ledgeview and the company’s outside sales reps based on individual needs, specifically on whether they prefer face-to-face or remote communication. If it’s a complex, growing business, in-field attention may be more urgently required.

“If the customer requires something and we can manage it, then that’s what we’re going to do,” Di Vite says.

Ledgeview and Prime Lube share an enthusiasm for taking care of the customer first and foremost, which has enabled the collaboration’s growth, and, more so, Prime Lube’s.

This procedure is always attainable because someone is always monitoring and contacting the accounts. Care, communication, and clear customer distribution keep Prime Lube and Ledgeview’s business relationship thriving.

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About the Company

Prime Lube began as a lubricant division spin-off of a large fuel oil company in Carteret, New Jersey in 1987. They grew their business up by going lubricants-only by the end of that year. In addition, Prime Lube now sells ancillary products within the lubricant business, including their own International DEF Business and brand Blue Sky, plus coolants and chemicals. As a multi-branded company, Prime Lube sought out Ledgeview Partners and their services after becoming familiar with Chevron’s “Project Transform” to enhance their sales distribution model and enable their outside sales reps to develop more profitable accounts while utilizing Ledgeview’s ISO (inside sales outsourcing) program to take smaller transactional accounts.

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“The Inside Sales program was new to us. We had never experienced it before, but after going through the ISO program presentation with Ledgeview; the benefits, and being able to utilize a rep as we would in our own facilities, we leaned towards Ledgeview’s expertise. We wanted to bring in someone who is a professional. It was clear that this was Ledgeview’s field of expertise, not ours.

Don Di Vite, VP and Principle, Prime Lube

“We’ve had success. We’ve had a lot of growth since implementing the program. It’s been a big part of our growth process and has enabled us to generate new business, maintain business, and develop key relationships.

Don Di Vite, VP and Principle, Prime Lube
Prime Lube Case Study

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