St Norbert College SalesforceLocated on the banks of the Fox River in Northeastern Wisconsin, St. Norbert College is a top-notch Catholic liberal arts college that is home to over 2,100 undergraduate students from 29 states, and 16 countries.

What they didn’t have was an effective way to manage student prospects, general inquiries, and applicants to the brand new Schneider MBA program. St. Norbert College already had Salesforce CRM in place for its undergraduate programs, but the MBA program was different. It had a lot of specialized requirements that went beyond what the undergraduate programs were doing.

St. Norbert College considered several Salesforce consultants before choosing Ledgeview Partners. Diane Cramer, Divisional Business Analyst for Enrollment Management pointed out, “Ledgeview wasn’t pushy. They were ready to help, and super responsive.” That last part was pretty important because of the project’s tight deadline.

St. Norbert College set out to create an MBA enrollment application process that would provide an experience as good as, or better than, any top college or university. By their internal measures, they’ve definitely succeeded.

The automated processes that St. Norbert College and Ledgeview Partners implemented are allowing the enrollment staff to get more done by increasing their capacity for processing applications through efficiency gains, helping them communicate more effectively and more consistently, and helping them get a clearer picture of the tasks that need to be completed at each step of the enrollment process.

Cramer noted, “For the first time, we have an online application that feeds directly into Salesforce. We’re excited to have automated processes in place to help our graduate recruiter efficiently and effectively manage prospects, inquiries, and applicants to the program.”

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Did you know?
Located in a suburb of Green Bay, Wisconsin, St. Norbert also has a special tie to the Green Bay Packers. During the NFL Training Camp each year, the Green Bay Packers call the St.Norbert college dorms home for a month and their cheerleaders are utilized to cheer on the Green & Gold for each home game at Lambeau Field.

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