ABC's of Dynamics CRMWhen evaluating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, organizations need to think big picture and if a particular solution will be able to help them achieve their business goals.

But where do you start if you are not familiar with the power that a CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide your company? We start at the core of CRM. We start with the ABC’s.

Acquiring Leads – Building Relationships – Closing Deals

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Dynamics CRM we have a lot of conversations about CRM every day with companies of all sizes, across many industries with a wide variety of goals they hope to achieve.

One of the main “go-to” resources that our sales team uses is an on-demand webcast we did nearly a year ago on the ABC’s of CRM (Available on-demand in our Video Library). Today, more than ever, CRM is evolving at a rapid pace, so it’s time to freshen up that webcast with new features and new navigations that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has rolled out over the past year.

Ledgeview Partners will start at the core of CRM in this fast paced webinar and live product demonstration “ABC’s of Dynamics CRM” that was held on December 8, 2015 that will provide you with the framework of what Dynamics CRM is all about.

When you talk about acquiring leads, building relationships and closing deals, it stems from three functionalities within CRM: Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. All three that we will examine in more detail.


If you are in sales, what do you ALWAYS want from marketing? More leads. In order to grow your business, your sales team needs a healthy pipeline and a list of qualified leads to work with. Within Dynamics CRM we will show you how a Marketing Manager can effectively use the tools in CRM to manage, track and report on their campaigns, generate qualified leads and assign follow up for sales to drive new opportunities.


With all those new warm leads now coming from Marketing in CRM, we pass the baton to sales. Learn how sales can quickly engage, build relationships, track and move opportunities through a structured business process pipeline, create easy reports that will allow them to focus their time on their customers (and not in the office working on administrative tasks) and ultimately close deals faster.

Customer Service:

We all (hopefully) know that retaining current customers is cheaper than getting new ones and if companies want to grow their business it’s all about building long term relationships – and that starts with taking care of them from day one. In Dynamics CRM, service is a growing feature that Microsoft is really putting a lot of emphasis on with recent (and future) releases. In this session, you will see via a live demo how to enter, track and follow up on service cases, how to efficiently and effectively manage those cases through reporting and dashboards and keep your customers continually singing your praises (and providing recommendations to their network).

> Update: 12/8/2015 – View the on-demand webinar!

Also, feel free to visit our CRM Video Library for additional on-demand videos.

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