Dynamics CRM Tile BorderYou may have run into a situation or found out you need additional storage for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online platform. Maybe you didn’t plan on needing it but requirements have changed and the storage you originally had planned for is not going to be enough.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has a simple way you can purchase and add additional storage to your CRM.

1. Log into your Office 365 account by going to https://portal.office.com

2. Once you are in the Admin Center within Office 365, navigate to Billing->Subscriptions

Storage CRM 1

3. Click on Add-ons and then + Buy add-ons

Storage CRM 2

4. From here you’ll see a tile on the page for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Additional Storage

Storage CRM 3+

5. Hover over the three dots and click on Buy More

Storage CRM 4

6. Select the base subscription you want to add storage to, how many additional GB you want to add, then click Check out now.

Storage CRM 5

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